Project 365: Marshmallow Hearts

Yes, I know it's another picture of FOOD. But if you know me at all, you know I love food. Not to mention hot chocolate. And marshmallows. Especially heart-shaped ones.

P.S.) Why is it spelled marshmallow when we pronounce it marshmellow? These are things I ponder while drinking my hot chocolate with heart-shaped marshmellows marshmallows.

Hope your Friday is both happy and sweet! :)


2 comment(s):

Hannahkin said...

i pronounce the A in "mallows" instead of an e. just to be different. and also cause it's spelt that way ;)

Rose said...

The marshmallow thing also got me thinking, and apparently, (according to the OED online lol) the British pronunciation is with an 'a' in mallows (as Hannahkin said), and with an 'e' for US. But I'm sure I don't always pronounce it as an 'a'. Maybe I'm just lazy ha. Or mellow :P