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I love this Lolcat's expression! Too funny.

Hope you are having a great long weekend, bloggy readers in the USA! And for those of you coming home from road trips, hope you don't have a backseat driver kitty of your own. ;)


Week in Review

So this post is a little late because I've been languishing all weekend in bed with a bad cold. :-/ The only day I ventured out of bed was on Saturday when I went to my department head's retirement party at his amazing house. I felt decidedly less than amazing, so I had the boyf take me home early where I promptly collapsed into bed.

I've been suffering from this cold for a week now, but it didn't get bad until Thursday. I hadn't taken any days off from work because the school year is so close to finishing (just 7 more days!!!), and I guess my body knew it could collapse with the weekend so close. How I managed to drag myself to work on Friday, I'll never know.

When I wasn't blowing my nose or hacking up a lung this week, I was planning my students' final exams, reading the latest spoilery film news on "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" and "Eclipse", and reading Patricia Veryan.

All my lovely plans for this long weekend -- going to the Keys with some friends, watching "Sex and the City 2," eating some yummy food -- yeah, none of that happened. However, I'm currently typing this from my boyf's house while he naps in bed next to me. He brought me over here yesterday and has been taking care of me ever since, bringing meals to me, giving me cold medicine, tucking me into bed. And I have never slept better -- I think I slept like 12 hours last night! So I really can't complain. It may not have been the weekend I wanted, but it's been the weekend I needed.

Here are my posts from earlier this week in case you missed any:

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How was your weekend? Let me know in the comments! 

(Very) Happy Friday!

Happy, happy Friday! Why am I so happy this Friday, despite the fact that I have the head cold from hell and I'm dead tired? Because it's a long weekend for us in the states! And because I get to sleep in for not one, not two, but THREE whole mornings. And that makes me very happy indeed.

Tonight I don't have much planned. I was going to go see "Sex and the City 2" with some friends, but I came home from work feeling like such complete and utter crap, just congested and icky. So I just feel like staying in tonight, you know? Recharge my batteries and such.

Le boyf, may the fairies bless him, offered to take me to go see SATC 2, but I couldn't inflict that on him. Sure, he'll watch a scrap of an episode here and there with me no problem, but I don't think he could stand two and half hours of fashion porn. I just don't. So I'll have to see it later this weekend if not next week, drag my mom or something.

So Lauren from the little things we do is taking a break from blogging, which means no fill in the blank fun for today. Boo! Just kidding, Lauren, you deserve your break. I hope you're enjoying it! I also hope you don't mind if I create my own fill in the blank questions for today. :)

1. If I could go back and change one thing about yesterday, I would not hang up angry at my boyf. We got into a silly fight and I went to sleep feeling sad. I've heard it before and now I know it's true -- you should never go to sleep angry at a loved one!

2.This weekend, I plan on sleeping a ton, watching a movie or two in my jammies, hanging out with some friends, and working on the thesis.

3. The first time I kissed somebody, I was 16 and it was for a play -- Romeo and Juliet. I was Juliet, and a boy in the grade above mine was Romeo. He was also about a foot shorter than me and kept popping breath mints. Yeah, it was awkward.

4. If I were given the option to be extremely wealthy but never marry, or be poor but ridiculously happy in love, I would choose love, every time. I know they say that, "Love don't pay the bills," but to that I say, "Dollar bills don't keep you warm at night or hug you back."

5. My childhood was full of wonder and love, thanks to my incredible parents. Even though we had it rough during much of my childhood, having to endure financial struggles, they always strove for my happiness. I'll always be grateful to them for that.

6. The best thing about my room is my bookshelf, especially now that I've organized it! I can't wait to have a place of my own so that I can dedicate an entire room just to books. My very own library = love.

7. The song that never fails to bring a smile to my face is "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper. I puffy-heart that song!

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Are you doing anything interesting this weekend? Let me know in the comments! And if you want to play along with my silly fill in the blanks, don't forget to link up below. :)


Wishlist Wednesday ... on a Thursday!

Sorry I'm a little late with my wish list, Danielle. Better late than never, though! Here are the items I'm wishing for at this present time...

these adorable hair clips

these vintage shoes

these big earrings

this pretty bracelet
 All of the above items can be found on Etsy.

What are you wishing for right now, bloggy readers? Let me know in the comments and don't forget to play along with Danielle!


"Some people refuse to settle for anything less than butterflies."

To celebrate the fact that one of my most anticipated films of the summer is coming out this Friday (squeeeeee), here are some of my favorite quotes from "Sex and the City." All boys are welcome to avoid reading this blog post. ;)

"Maybe our mistakes are what make our fate."

"As we drive along this road called life, occasionally a gal will find herself a little lost. And when that happens, I guess she has to let go of the coulda, shoulda, woulda, buckle up and just keep going."

"I don't believe in e-mail. I'm an old fashioned girl. I prefer calling and hanging up."

"When real people fall down in life, they get right back up and keep walking."

"When men attempt bold gestures, generally it's considered romantic. When women do it, it's considered psycho or desperate."

"I like my money where I can see it... hanging in my closet."

"Some people are settling down, some people are settling, and some people refuse to settle for anything less than butterflies."

What are some of your favorite quotes from "Sex and the City"?


10 Confessions [the food version]

I can eat Nutella all the live long day.

Before my boyfriend, I couldn't eat spicy food. I used to think Taco Bell was too spicy.

Even though my background is Cuban, I don't like rice and beans all that much.

One of my pet peeves is eating lukewarm food. (I've been known to throw tantrums when fast food joints serve my food cold.)

My mom banned me from the kitchen after I almost burned the house down ... while making a grilled cheese sandwich. I've been leery of cooking ever since.

I detest the smell of fish.

I detest the smell of fish so much, I won't eat sushi. I didn't even eat sushi when I visited Tokyo. (*gasp*)

When I like a guy, it makes me uncomfortable to eat in front of him.

My two least favorite pizza toppings: mushrooms & black olives. My boyf's two most favorite pizza toppings: mushrooms & black olives.

No matter how late I wake up, my first meal of the day always has to be breakfast.

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  Do you have any confessions you feel brave enough to share? (Doesn't have to be food related!)


Lolcat of the Week

I used to eat lots of ramen noodles back in my early college days. Until I realized how much sodium was in those suckers! D:

Have a great Monday, everyone!


Week in Review

Holy cheez-its, this past week flew! I really don't know where the time went... This week I finished reading The Five People You Meet in Heaven with my juniors. I finished reviewing for the SAT/ACT with my seniors. I made my last lesson plans of the school year, for the last three weeks of school we have left. That's right, in three weeks, I will officially be on summer vacation. I will (finally) have time to finish writing my thesis. I will (finally) be able to sleep in late on Mondays, Tuesdays, and heck, every day of the week if I want to. I will (finally) be able to spend all day wearing my pajamas and no makeup. Or shoes. Whatsoever. (Yes, you have my permission to be jealous.)

But in three weeks, I will officially say good-bye to my students, some of whom I will probably never see again -- except on Facebook, maybe. This is what makes being a teacher bittersweet. Yes, we have two months off in the summer. But those little rugrats we watch over and mold into educated young adults for 10 months leave us all too soon. And like it or not, each and every one of them leaves their impressions on me.

Blah, enough of me being maudlin! It must be all the cold medicine I took this morning -- I woke up with a stuffy nose and sore throat. Here are my posts from this past week in case you missed them:


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Did you do anything special this weekend? Let me know in the comments! Don't forget to read my post from yesterday, Q & A, so you can ask me some questions! :-D


Q & A

This blog post is for those of you who have questions. They can be questions about me, life, love, the world, what-have-you.

I don't profess to be an expert on anything. I'm not even an expert on myself -- I'm working on that. But if you've got a question, I will try my best to answer it.

In the meantime, here's a question for you, inspired by the picture I found below on we heart it:

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

The last time I did something for the first time was last Friday when I tried taro frozen yogurt for the first time... and absolutely loved it. :-D

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Post your questions and answers in a comment below. Feel free to make them anonymous if you prefer. I will try my best to answer all of your questions. :-)


(Trying-To-Be) Happy Friday!

In case you're wondering about this post's title (and why my mood over on the right sidebar is listed as sad), I got some bad news today at work -- my students' FCAT Reading re-take scores came in, and not as many students passed as we had hoped. The majority of my students did improve, but still... I was counting on more passing. High School students in Florida cannot graduate without passing this exam, and since I teach juniors, the pressure is really on my kids.

I am trying to be positive about this, trying to focus on the growth and the fact that most of my students did improve. The fact that they will most likely pass on their next attempt. But still -- I am sad. :-(

To distract you and me, dear reader, from all this sadness, here's Lauren's fill in the blank for this week. It's another themed one: fashion! Enjoy and don't forget to link back to Lauren's post if you play along.

1.  One fashion trend I really regret is the "roller coaster" of hair I used to do to my poor bangs in the late 1980's to early 1990's. What was I thinking?! Crazy.

2.  The one thing that always completes any outfit is  accessories -- whether it's a fun pair of earrings, a colorful bangle or watch, every outfit always needs a pop of color to complete it.

3.  I would describe my personal style as  eclectic. I've been called everything from elegant to quirky. I guess what I wear depends on my mood. I tend to wear mostly pants, not favoring skirts or dresses all too much. I love cardigans and headbands and accessories in general. I'm drawn to more muted colors, blue and purple especially.

4.  My fashion muse is  Keira Knightley. That girl can do no wrong in my book.

5.  If I could own one designer piece of clothing it would be a classic Chanel purse, you know the quilted ones? That would be awesome .

6.  I would love to raid the wardrobe of  Keira Knightley or Cate Blachett .

7.  Today I am wearing  some jeans, kitten heels, and a boat-neck yellow tee with a gray cardigan. Bummy outfit, I know, but it's Friday and I tend to dress casual to work on Fridays. Tonight I'll probably wear jeans, some heels, and a dressier top since I'm going on a date with le boyf. :-D.

 picture via we heart it

What are you doing to celebrate the fact that it's Friday, bloggy friends? I think I might convince the boyf to take me for some frozen yogurt. I'm in the mood for some comfort food!


These are a few of my (current) favorite things...

I have been all about Harry Potter lately, ever since my boyf (finally!) started reading the series. It just reignited my love for Harry Potter, seeing him fall in love with the books. We've been having Harry Potter movie marathons on the weekends, talking about Harry Potter at the dinner table, dissecting the Harry Potter books and the movies every chance we get, and it's just been the best. And top of all that awesomeness, they are opening up a section of Islands of Adventure in Orlando this summer that will be devoted entirely to Harry Potter. Including (dun, dun, DUN) a dark ride. Oh, and you will even be able to buy wands and butterbeer at the park! I cannot wait. Best of all, le boyf will be there enjoying it with me. :)))))

There's nothing like having your best friend or lover (or both in one, as in my case!) enjoy the same things you do. It just makes you enjoy the things you love even more.

I've been loving chamomile tea these days, especially right before bed. No matter how wired I am, no matter how crazy my day, it never fails to soothe me. I especially like the brand Celestial Seasonings, and not just because their version of chamomile tea has an adorable teddy bear in pajamas on the cover. Although that is pretty stinking cute!

But seriously, drinking chamomile tea is great on stressful days. It somehow just relaxes you and melts all the tension away. It's also good for lowering blood pressure, something I desperately need on days when I come home feeling like my head's going to burst. Did I mention it has a cute teddy bear on the cover? So yeah, chamomile tea pretty much rocks. Gwen Stefani had it right all along.

I didn't always like the color yellow. I used to worry that my skin was too sallow for me to wear it. That wearing yellow would make me look ... yellow. So I've always avoided wearing it. Until recently, that is. Lately I've been seeing it everywhere -- in fashion, decor, and especially in cars. So I decided to give it another try. I recently bought a yellow shirt and a headband with yellow flowers. And what do you know? Wearing yellow doesn't make me look yellow after all. It makes me look summery and happy. I feel summery and happy wearing it. And that's what yellow is all about, right? Smiley faces wouldn't be yellow if that weren't the case.

Yep, reading outside is one of my favorite things this month. Why? Because there's nothing like reading in the shade, with sunlight filtering through the trees, casting shadows across the page. You feel the wind teasing your hair, the sun warming your skin, and all of the sensations of spring rush over you in a wash of joy that just makes the whole experience so wonderful. If you've never done this before, try it. I sometimes even like taking my classes outside to read. (The more well behaved classes, that is.)

I love big hair. I've always liked the big hair look of the 60's and 70's (80's and 90's, not so much). I just think it's perfect for those balmy spring/summer nights. Plus it's so humid in Miami this time of year that big hair is practically a given -- especially if your hair is prone to frizz like mine.

I tried my hand at making my hair "big" last week. I flipped my head forward and brushed it like crazy, and when I flipped it back up, my hair was nice and big. But then it deflated, and I was a sad panda. (See photographic evidence here.) I have really fine hair that just doesn't do the va-va-voom thing too well.  Do you guys have any tricks or techniques you use to make your hair big and volumelicious -- and stay that way?

(All pictures in this post were found on we heart it.)

What are your favorites this month?


10 Confessions [the music version]

I think Lady Gaga is overrated.

I always listen to music while getting ready, whether it's putting on makeup or styling my hair.

I was obsessed with The Doors in high school.

 When I was little, I wanted to be Madonna. So I cut the tops of my gloves to make them fingerless and draped my mom's rosaries around my neck. Needless to say, she was not amused.

Bono was my first rockstar crush.

I think I liked Bjork's music better before she got married and "settled down."

I saw some laser light shows featuring the music of The Beatles and Led Zeppelin in early college. I think I was one of the few people there who wasn't high.

Sometimes, listening to violins makes me cry.

I like to make certain songs my anthems from time to time, mostly when I'm feeling down. Then I "blare" them inside my head during those especially trying moments. It helps me feel better!

I've never performed at a karaoke bar, though I've been secretly tempted to from time to time.

picture via we heart it

Do you have any confessions you feel brave enough to share? (Doesn't have to be music related!)


Lolcat of the Week

Happy Monday! Today also happens to be the boyf's birthday AND his mom's birthday. So happy birthday to them! :-)

Week in Review

This week was pretty relaxed, as work weeks go. My AP English Language students had their exam on Wednesday, and I was a nervous wreck until that day, but after Wednesday passed, it was as if I could finally breathe again. Now I am officially in countdown mode -- school ends in less than a month, and I for one am grateful. This has been a great school year, but it's been incredibly tiring as well. I'm also looking forward to using the time off in June and July to focus on the thesis! Here's hoping the progress will be smooth this summer so I can graduate in the Fall... *fingers crossed*

My weekend has been pretty calm. On Friday afternoon, Ricky took me to this Argentinian bakery/restaurant called La Estancia Argentina where we had some yummy sandwiches and soda. For dessert we went to this new frozen yogurt place called -- I kid you not -- Yogurtland. I think I might actually like their yogurt better than Menchie's! Very, very smooth and creamy. And their toppings were amazing -- they had Ghiradelli chocolate syrup and drops. Yum. On Friday, Ricky and I also went shopping for some of his birthday gifts, which was an experience in and of itself. I still think I need one or two surprises, but I'm just about done, and the most important thing -- his card -- has already been bought. After our dining and shopping excursions, we went back home and watched "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" until I got sleepy.

On Saturday, it was amazing to be able to sleep in. I spent the day puttering about my room, organizing my closet and planning lessons for next week. For dinner, Ricky took me to Fat Lou's for Chicago dogs and rootbeer. Best. Hot. Dogs. Ever! Then we went on a scouting trip for possible venues for his birthday celebration, which we're planning for next weekend. We capped off the evening by watching more Harry Potter -- "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" this time. (If you're wondering why we're not going in order, it's because Ricky is currently reading the first books in the series and we will be watching the first films once he's done with those.)

We may have to put our Harry Potter movie marathon on hold because Ricky's cousin gave birth to a baby boy very late last night (welcome to the world, baby David! :D). He was almost born on Ricky's and his mom's birthday (which is tomorrow). Crazy! We will probably be visiting her in the hospital later today.

If and when I should ever get pregnant, I hope I have a baby girl. I even know what I'd like to call her -- Sophia (but mostly "Sophie" for short). If I should be blessed enough to have more than one child, I really, really hope I have mostly girls, because to be honest, I don't much like boy names! ;)

Here are my posts from this week in case you missed them:

picture via we heart it

What are your plans for today, reader? I hope you have a great Sunday, whatever you do! :-)


John Mulaney: "Best Meal I've Ever Had"

I discovered this video recently. It's a stand-up routine by comedian John Mulaney about the best meal he's ever had. It's also about jukeboxes and the song "What's New Pussycat?" Warning: you will never be able to hear that song again (already hilarious by its own right) without groaning and/or laughing... Enjoy!


Happy Friday! (plus a giveaway winner :D)

This Friday is happier than usual because in about a half hour, le boyf. will be picking me up so we can go shopping for his birthday gifts. At first I was all stressin' because I hadn't had time to shop for his gifts, but then he took a load off my shoulders by suggesting we go buy them together, that way he could guide me in the right direction. (I might sneak one or two surprises in there behind his back, though!)

Ricky and I always like to get each other a bunch of little gifts rather than one big gift. How do you like to give/receive gifts? Let me know in the comments!

Speaking of gifts, here's the winner of this month's giveaway...

Congrats, Rasha! That's a great choice -- I love that bookmark, too. Thanks to everyone who participated and stay tuned until June, when I will announce my new giveaway.

Before I close, here is this week's fill in the blank from Lauren. If you want to play along, make sure to link back to her post!

1.  The very best thing about the summer is  the time off -- I'm a high school teacher, so I get two months off from work. Woot, woot! (Yes, you can be jealous now. :p) .

2.  My first crush ever was   a boy who lived on my same block growing up. He was in the grade above me and worlds apart from me -- I was shy and awkward, he was popular and cool. I crushed on him pretty hardcore all the same. (Click here if you want to know more).

3.  This may sound really silly but   I like scaring my boyfriend when he walks back into a room where I'm waiting for him. I'll hide behind the door and jump out at him, stuff like that. It almost always works, too.

4.  I squeeze my toothpaste from  the top of the tube when it's still brand-new, and then I start squeezing from the bottom when I feel it running out.

5.  My absolute favorite "comfort food" is cereal, preferably something sweet.

6.  A random fact about me is that  my last name is not pronounced "Simon," like the children's game "Simon Says." It's pronounced "Simone".

7.  The one piece of technology that truly makes my life better and I couldn't live without is  my iPhone. It has everything I need in one convenient little device -- my phone, my music, my games, my photos, my interwebs. I truly can't imagine my life without it -- much to my boyfriend's dismay (he's not a fan).
 picture via we heart it

What are you doing this weekend, bloggy friends? Le boyf and I might have that Harry Potter marathon I wanted to have last week, but the rest of the weekend is wiiiide open -- hopefully to be filled with sleep, relaxation, and some cereal. :-)


These things are making me incredibly happy right now...

Okay, so my first happy item is a cheesy one, but that doesn't make it any less true -- I am so happy I have over 140 followers! I still remember when I had maybe five followers, and so it's just unbelievable to me that this many people are actually interested in what I have to say. I began blogging for myself, but now I can honestly say blogging is no longer just a solitary past time for me -- it's now a means of communication as well. Thanks for making it a two-way street, bloggy readers. :)

Today my AP English Language students took their exam, after 10 long months of preparation. What this means is that I can finally breathe a sigh of relief now -- the hard part is over. Now begins the second hard part: the waiting!

I'm loving the offer Starbucks is currently having for their frappes  -- all frappes are half price from now until Sunday, only between the hours of 3-5 PM. Let's just say my local Starbucks has come to know me very well. ;)

I recently discovered some online vendors through Amazon that sell books by a favorite author of mine, Patricia Veryan, for dirt cheap. (I'm talking pennies.) Score!

It took forever for my bangs to grow out again, but now that they're a bit past my chin, my hair is getting close to my desired length -- I have layers and I want the longest part, currently just past my shoulders, to reach the middle of my back. I love that I can style my hair differently now that it has gotten longer!

Okay, so while this may not be conducive to my diet, I am totally in love with Nature Valley's new Nut Clusters -- they're little bits of heaven mixed with joy. Trust.

I'm loving that le boyf's birthday is next Monday because that means I get to spoil him, something he doesn't always let me do!

picture via we heart it

 What's making you happy today?


Letters to Juliet.

So on Mother's Day I took my Mom to go see an advanced screening of Letters to Juliet. It technically doesn't come out in theaters until this Friday the 14th, but a local theater had a special preview of it for Mother's Day.

I won't say much about it in case you want to see it except for the fact that it exceeded my expectations. I expected a fluffy bit of romantic comedy. I got a beautiful glimpse of Italy, some genuinely funny moments, and most importantly, some genuine romance.

If you love romance, and if "Romeo and Juliet" was one of your favorite plays in school, you need to see this movie. If your man doesn't want to accompany you, take your mom. Who says we have to stop spoiling our moms just because it's no longer Mother's Day? ;)


10 Confessions. {the joyful tears version}

I was going to post my usual 10 Confessions today when Busy Bee Lauren's recent blog post on the top ten moments that have made her cry with joy inspired me. I'm a big baby when it comes to crying -- I cry when I'm mad, I cry when I'm sad, I cry when I'm moved, I cry when I'm in pain, and I cry when I'm happy. I've even been known to get weepy over especially sappy commercials (here, let me facepalm myself for you). So how could I not participate in Lauren's fabulous post idea? Here are my top ten moments that made me cry with joy. (It goes more or less in order of importance, though most of them are pretty significant in their own right.)

When my mother came out of open heart surgery four years ago (following a major heart attack) and the doctor said it had gone well, I cried. Those were among the worst hours of my life, and so hearing those words made me weep with joyful relief.

When my boyfriend and I "officially" declared our feelings to each other and "officially" declared ourselves a couple, I cried. Those were definitely some happy tears!

When I graduated from college, I cried tears of joyful pride. I am the first person in my immediate family to graduate from college, so this meant a great deal to us.

When my cat Tigger had to go to the animal hospital for a kidney infection, I was afraid he wouldn't make it because we'd lost his brother a couple of years prior. Luckily, the vet was able to cure him and I cried tears of joy the day I took him home.

When my cousin Alyssa married her husband Gonzalo, whom she'd been dating since high school, I cried because I was happy she was marrying her best friend. So romantic!

When Ross and Rachel kissed for the first time in "Friends," I cried like a baby. (True story.)

 When Jim and Pam got married in "The Office," I cried like a baby. (Another true story.)

Every time I watch the ending of "Pride and Prejudice" (the one with Keira Knightley), I cry like a baby. (Yet another true story.)

Every time I hear violins -- I don't know why -- something triggers tears in me. True, they're bittersweet, but I think the feeling borders more on joy than sorrow.  

Every time I say goodbye to the school year and goodbye to my high school students -- many of whom are graduating -- I cry tears of relief mixed with pride. Relief because another challenging year is over, and pride because of how far my students have come. I experience this every year. I'll be experiencing this again in five weeks! :*)
  (picture via we heart it)
I don't know if the fact above is true or not, but it sure is interesting!

What are the top ten moments that have made you cry with joy, bloggy readers? If you want to post your own top ten, make sure you link up to BBL's post!


Lolcat of the Week

Haha, I love that cat's expression! Have a great Monday, everyone. :-)


Week in Review

This week was crazy-busy for me because I gave my AP English Language students a full AP Practice Test, complete with three essays and a multiple choice section. That meant that I had to grade three essays and a multiple choice section for 26 students. (I'm still recovering!)

But I think all that hard work paid off, because over half of my students passed the Practice Test! Let's hope I get the same results on the actual test...

The rest of the week was pretty uneventful. I still haven't seen "Iron Man 2," and things got too hectic this weekend to have the Harry Potter marathon I wanted to have with the boyf. However, today I am going to see "Letters to Juliet" with my mom to celebrate Mother's Day, so that's all right. :)

Here are my posts from this week in case you missed any:

picture via we heart it

Happy Mother's Day! Are you doing anything special to celebrate with your family? Let me know in the comments! :)


Sometimes I wish my boyf wasn't such a movie buff.

I've been suuuuuper excited to watch "Iron Man 2," but le boyf is hemming and hawing because apparently it didn't get the good reviews he hoped it would get.

Sometimes I wish my boyf wasn't such a movie buff. Don't get me wrong, I love that he has discerning tastes. But I may have to hog-tie and blindfold him and just plain drag him to the theater today.

(This may or may not have something to do with my teeny tiny crush on Robert Downey, Jr. Maybe.)

Any movies you're excited to see this weekend? "Letters to Juliet" has a special preview on Sunday and I might be taking my mom to see that for Mother's Day. Oh, and did I mention I have a giveaway happening on the blog right now? Because I do. Enter here for a chance to win a homemade card or bookmark!