Week in Review

This week was kind of like a roller coaster in that it had its highs, its lows, and its in-betweens when I wasn't sure what was going to happen next.

On Monday, I went to work feeling fully recovered from that horrible virus I had last week, but my back hurt from all the cleaning I did Sunday when I was thrilled I was feeling better. Oops! At least the afternoon was better -- I finally got to see the fully expanded new grocery center of my local Target. Just when I thought my favorite store couldn't get any better...

On Tuesday, I began my book discussion on Eclipse, which was awesome because I've been dying to reread the book, but disappointing because I didn't get as many readers as I would have liked. Oh well, maybe this week I'll get more readers! I also went to a birthday dinner in honor of my boyf's dad. We ate at Carrabbas, yum!

On Wednesday, I went to Borders with the boyf so I could finally use my $10 gift card (do you know that about 40% of all gift cards expire without ever being used?!). I spent it on an agenda for 2010 -- yeah I know we're already in May and I don't care -- it was on sale, so I wound up only spending $4. Steal!

On Thursday, I was sad that I couldn't see my boyf because he contracted what seems to be the same virus I had last week. While he was at home recovering, I painted my nails this color. It was an instant mood-lifter.

On Friday, I went to the salon with my friend and then went for drinks and dinner before seeing another friend from work perform in an Egyptian Belly Dancing Show. It was beautiful and I'm totally inspired to learn belly dancing now.

On Saturday, I caught up on some grading and did some online shopping for summery clothes, and then I FINALLY got to see "The Young Victoria" with my boyf, which we quite enjoyed. As for today, Sunday, I plan on relaxing and doing not much of anything at all. Maybe read a book and sip some peppermint tea. Or maybe nap all day. The possibilities are endless. :-D

Here are some of my posts from this week that you may have missed:


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What are you doing this beautiful Sunday? Whatever you do, I hope you enjoy it! :-)


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Nancy Face said...

I'm glad you're past that nasty virus, and I hope your boyfriend is over it by now!

I MUST see "The Young Victoria"!