Week in Review

This week was pretty relaxed, as work weeks go. My AP English Language students had their exam on Wednesday, and I was a nervous wreck until that day, but after Wednesday passed, it was as if I could finally breathe again. Now I am officially in countdown mode -- school ends in less than a month, and I for one am grateful. This has been a great school year, but it's been incredibly tiring as well. I'm also looking forward to using the time off in June and July to focus on the thesis! Here's hoping the progress will be smooth this summer so I can graduate in the Fall... *fingers crossed*

My weekend has been pretty calm. On Friday afternoon, Ricky took me to this Argentinian bakery/restaurant called La Estancia Argentina where we had some yummy sandwiches and soda. For dessert we went to this new frozen yogurt place called -- I kid you not -- Yogurtland. I think I might actually like their yogurt better than Menchie's! Very, very smooth and creamy. And their toppings were amazing -- they had Ghiradelli chocolate syrup and drops. Yum. On Friday, Ricky and I also went shopping for some of his birthday gifts, which was an experience in and of itself. I still think I need one or two surprises, but I'm just about done, and the most important thing -- his card -- has already been bought. After our dining and shopping excursions, we went back home and watched "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" until I got sleepy.

On Saturday, it was amazing to be able to sleep in. I spent the day puttering about my room, organizing my closet and planning lessons for next week. For dinner, Ricky took me to Fat Lou's for Chicago dogs and rootbeer. Best. Hot. Dogs. Ever! Then we went on a scouting trip for possible venues for his birthday celebration, which we're planning for next weekend. We capped off the evening by watching more Harry Potter -- "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" this time. (If you're wondering why we're not going in order, it's because Ricky is currently reading the first books in the series and we will be watching the first films once he's done with those.)

We may have to put our Harry Potter movie marathon on hold because Ricky's cousin gave birth to a baby boy very late last night (welcome to the world, baby David! :D). He was almost born on Ricky's and his mom's birthday (which is tomorrow). Crazy! We will probably be visiting her in the hospital later today.

If and when I should ever get pregnant, I hope I have a baby girl. I even know what I'd like to call her -- Sophia (but mostly "Sophie" for short). If I should be blessed enough to have more than one child, I really, really hope I have mostly girls, because to be honest, I don't much like boy names! ;)

Here are my posts from this week in case you missed them:

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What are your plans for today, reader? I hope you have a great Sunday, whatever you do! :-)


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Jenny☮ said...

Lovely weekend. :)

And I agree that boys' names are not as nice as girls'. I plan on naming my "if I have" daughter Genevieve.


Claire Kiefer said...

I AM OBSESSED WITH YOGURTLAND!!! Seriously, it's so good, I got totally hooked last summer and went almost every day (yikes). Their strawberry is delicious, coffee, nutter butter, omg. I have to stop talking about it or else I'll get in my car and drive there right now. :) But one more thing: the little cheesecake bites as toppings? Geez Louise!