Obsess much?!

I am the kind of person who gets easily addicted to things, like chocolate, a particular song (thank GOD for repeat mode), a book, what-have-you. For example, I've recently been on an Interpol kick and for some reason, their song Leif Erikson has just been doing it for me lately. I think I've heard it like 500 times in the past three days. Eventually I'll get sick of it and move on to another song to put on repeat mode, but for right now it's my current favorite. Mind you, the song has nothing at all to do with Leif Erikson, I have no friggin' clue what it's about, actually, but it sounds pretty, all right? If you go to their website, interpolnyc.com, you can read the lyrics for that song and all their songs.

So where was I before I got sidetracked on that crazy Interpol tangent? Ah yes, addiction. So I am someone that gets fixed on something and won't let it go. Recently I began reading the "Twilight Saga" by Stephenie Meyer, which begins with the book Twilight. It's a young adult series that I first learned about from my students. You take notice when both your remedial reading and advanced placement students are reading the same book, so I finally got the first book and read it. At first, I wasn't impressed. A few pages into the book, I thought to myself, She's not such a great writer - I can do better than this! But then somewhere into the middle of the book I found I could not put it down. It was insane. I read that book in less than one day, and then I ran out the next day and bought the second and third books, New Moon and Eclipse. I swear those books must be lined with crack or something, because they're impossible to put down.

I became a "twi-hard" (the unofficial title for fans of the series that is currently being bandied about the internet) pretty late in the game, but a very cool bonus of my late timing is the fact that a movie based on the first book is currently in production. And there are new clips and videos being added daily. In fact, the MTV Blog has labeled Tuesdays "Twilight Tuesdays," and every Tuesday they promise to add new pictures, articles, etc.

There are a couple of websites that are indispensable if you are a fan of the series:
1. Stephenie Meyer's Official Website (Check daily for updates - they're pretty good with them.)
2. Internet Movie Database: Twilight (2008) (Learn more about the cast and production.)
3. Everglow (This "Official Edward and Bella Website" has the best pictures and videos. A must.)

The movie comes out on December 12th and the fourth and supposedly last book in the series, Breaking Dawn, comes out on August 2nd. Once you finish the series and are craving more, I recommend hunting up the outtakes on Stephenie Meyer's website, especially the first chapter of Midnight Sun, which is Twilight but from Edward's point of view instead of Bella's. I swear that I had chills reading it. :-)

OK, you've been warned. Go buy the book and prepare to become addicted!

This is a scene in the movie from the infamous meadow scene, hands down my favorite part of Twilight.

P.S.) I know, I know, I have to write a blog all about my seven magnificent days in Tokyo. This (and the pictures) are forthcoming, I promise!!

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