Is it wrong to want the school year to be over already but still feel like I'm already beginning to miss my students? Well, the good ones, anyways.

I'm just so listless. I don't have energy to do anything except read the Twilight saga (I'm already on Book 3, Eclipse, which I'd better finish rereading soon because I promised I'd lend it to one of my students) and write ficlets. I finally reached another milestone the other day and wrote my 400th ficlet. Freaking insane. My boyfriend gets on my case because I haven't done lickety squat on my thesis, but there's always the summer, I reply.

The scary thing is that I'm going to have to hold myself to that, if I want to graduate anytime before 2008 ends. Which I do! Not just because it will get rid of this heavy albatross strung around my neck, but because I will receive a $3,000.00 increase in my teaching salary.

But in the meantime, I write ficlets and read, read and write ficlets. When the guilt starts to set in, I grade. I've actually gotten a lot of grading done in the past few days. I'm even almost caught up with my AP English Language & Composition classes. Ironically, I'm behind on the grading for my remedial reading students, which is the easiest grading to do. I guess that's why I've put it aside for now.

So I will be glad when June 6th rolls around and the school year is over. It's not that far away. Amazing how fast this school year has flown. How fast the year itself has flown. We are almost in summer. Already I can feel the heat starting to creep in, those humidity-soaked scorching days that Miami does so well. But it will be worth it, because then I'll be able to sleep in and not have to worry about grading anymore, just writing my thesis.

But I am starting to miss my students. I've forged a lot of great connections with many of my students this year. I was blessed to receive a mostly good bunch of kids. I have to remember to take my camera with me to work tomorrow so I can take pictures of them. I know I'll regret it in the future if I don't take advantage of the time I have now.

OK, enough sentimentality for one blog post. I must be PMSing, I'm never this way. Not this bad.

Before I close, one more obligatory Twilight reference: I found a pretty cool website that seems to be the quickest at posting updates about the series and the film and anything relating to both: Twilight Lexicon. I'm still a fan of everglow because it's such a creative and well-run site, but I'm digging this new one, too. Will this Twilight addiction never end?!

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