Nighttime Ruminations on Love Present and Past

You enter steeped in moonlight,
starshine in your eyes.
Dazzled by the weight of your smile,
I carry it in my hands like precious cargo.
How can I convey to you all the truths hidden
within my turbulent thoughts?
I wait in the silent spaces between conversations
for the moment when everything will become
crystalline, precise.

Pulled by the magnet-force of your eyes
I orbit your movements
like the faithful satellite that I am.
What strange magic do we possess as human beings,
that we can feel when someone is staring at us?
Though "feel" is surely too strong a word for the sensation
that burns through me when your eyes are turned
upon the virgin desert of my face.

When we sever the ties that connect us,
where do the broken threads go?
Are they borne upon wind?
Cast into the watery depths of the sea?
Or do they dissolve, as though
these once all-too quickening sensations
were just a figment of my imagination?
These are the dusty questions that your memory
coughs up when your heart least expects it.