These are a few of my (current) favorite things...

Grizzly Bear
Um, so I love this band called Grizzly Bear. Yes, I know they have a ridiculous name. No, they are neither grizzly nor bears. But they do rock.

I first discovered Grizzly Bear thanks to the soundtrack for "New Moon," which I bought on Friday (and reviewed last night here). They may be a recent acquisition, but that doesn't make me love them any less!

After I listened to their contribution to "New Moon," this song called "Slow Life," about a bazillion times, I decided to buy their most recent CD. It's called "Veckatimest." No, I don't know what the heck it means. But I do know I'm in love with the track called "Two Weeks." They remind me of another recent musical love of mine, Phoenix, but they have a very unique sound otherwise. Below you can hear the song "Two Weeks" and judge for yourself. Let me know what you think! :-)

(To learn more about Grizzly Bear and listen to more songs, visit their lala page.)


As you read in my birthday post, I received a ton of Twilight-related gifts this year for my birthday. Not that I'm complaining! ;) I did receive some non-Twilighty gifts, though, one of which is the DS game Scribblenauts which was given to me by my beloved boyf.

What is Scribblenauts? It's been described as a "puzzle action game." I just call it fun. The purpose of the game is to complete puzzles and collect "Starites." The way you complete the puzzles, however, is what makes this game so innovative -- you have to summon objects to help you complete the given objective. You can summon almost any object by writing the name of it on the screen.

Some cool objects I've summoned in the game thus far: vampires, black holes, God (seriously!), wizards, and Lolcats (!). It's an addictive game -- you lose all sense of time when playing it. I suggest you pick it up if you have a DS and are looking for a cool game!


My ever-loving boyf also got me the little monster at your left. If you don't know who Domo is, frankly you should be ashamed of yourself. They started selling him in Target last year and it was love at first sight. Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to pick him up when I first saw him, and when I returned to Target again, he was sold out.

It was a long time before I saw him in Target again. It appears he became very popular! I even saw some of my students carrying him around in school. :D

I began wanting a Domo of my very own again, never dreaming I'd be getting him for my birthday. Honestly, out of all the awesome gifts I got this year, this just might be my favorite.

What's that? You say you still don't know who this Domo character is? Well, then go and educate yourself with this informative FAQ.

Where The Wild Things Are
I saw this film on Friday with le boyf. I was sick and tired (literally) and not in the mood to leave the comfort of home. But le boyf convinced me to go with him to eat dinner and watch a movie. He wanted to watch "Where The Wild Things Are."

I'm so glad I did. Because I may not have gotten the chance to see this movie otherwise. It's a live action adaptation of the beloved children's book by Maurice Sendak. Originally written in 1963, Where The Wild Things Are is not a very long book. There's not much plot or narrative, so it is impressive that director Spike Jonze was able to craft such a memorable film from it.

Jonze's wild things are each amazing and frightening in their own unique ways, none more so than Carol. I saw them all as individual facets of Max's personality -- Carol represents Max's anger and fear, KW represents Max's tenderness and openness, Judith his insecurity and standoffishness, and so on.

While I can recognize how children can appreciate this film, I do think it was intended for adults. There are moments of incredible ebullience, when you can almost remember that lightweight feeling of childhood, but there are also moments of great sadness and loss, when you can recall how large and threatening the world can seem to a child.

I love the catchphrase for this movie: "There's one in all of us." You can take this in so many ways... Yes, there's a "wild thing" in all of us. But along with the wild thing there is also a tender thing, craving love and attention.

Here's the trailer for the film. Go see it if you get a chance -- you won't regret it.

Root Beer Floats
So I've never been one for root beer. I liked it all right, but it was never really my thing. Not how it is for le boyf, anyways.

Recently, I started loving the heck out of Dr. Pepper. I think that is what has me loving root beer all of a sudden, too! I'm especially liking root beer in those floats Wendy's makes. They are to die for. Srsly. Go try one if you haven't had one before. I used to get the floats with vanilla frosty and coke, but the vanilla frosty and root beer floats can't be beat.

Great, now I made myself crave one. :p

Autumn, I love you.

I love you for your multicolored foliage that adorns the treetops like so many flickers and flames. I love you for your early nights and late mornings. I love you for your cool winds that tickle my skin. I love you for the way you make my hair lay shiny and sleek down my shoulders. I love you for bringing my birthday and my second-favorite holiday after Christmas, Halloween.

I know Miami doesn't really get a true autumn. Not really. Our trees stay green all year and the coldest it gets is maybe 40 degrees. But still. I'll take 70 degrees over 90 any day! And I can get used to the good hair days no problem. ;)

What are some of your favorites this month? Let me know in the comments!

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5 comment(s):

Anonymous said...

i could never get into any of the Twilight soundtracks for some reason, but i love that song!! and even though i've never owned a nintendo DS in my life [le gasp], that game looks so cute. as for Domo - love love love. must watch Where the Wild Things Are when it screens here and root beer floats, or any float for that matter is delish. and finally, i miss autumn dearly!!

Fire Crotch said...

Chai Tea Latte. I am in love.

BBC Radio 1 - okay, not really a new favorite, but I still love it

Sweaters - hides my bulges

Owl City

Ann Marie said...

I love the Grizzly song on NM soundtrack.. so I'm sure I'd like the album as well.

This soundtrack was harder for me to get into.. Of course I love White Demon Love Song just because I am sickly in love with the Killers.. but the songs are so much more mellow and depressing than the first soundtrack.. so many of them have had to grow on me!

I was listening to it in the car with Chad.. and he said " It's so lame to listen to it.. without seeing the movie... It's sooo much better after.. " I have to agree.. I think I'll like the soundtrack much more after I see the songs played throughout..

Rootbeer floats in my belly = Happiness.

Unknown said...

@Robyn: You need to own a DS like yesterday! You would love one, I'm sure. :D

@Fire Crotch: I will need to check out this Chai Tea Latte. You're the second person to tell me you love them. And yes, Owl City rocks my socks.

@Ann Marie: I'm with Chad -- the soundtrack always becomes more meaningful after seeing the film, because then you can tie the songs with certain scenes and emotions you felt while watching it.

Melly Mel said...

Chai Tea is amazing!!!!
I'm glad you like the movie!
oh my goodness.... Grizzly Bear is the best.