My first post (whee!!)

I'm never very successful with blogs. I have a couple abandoned blogs floating out in the ether right now. Here's hoping I'll be a better mother, if and when that time comes, than a blogger (gulp).

I will try to be good to you, blogspot. I hope this works out.

I stayed home from work today, played hooky so I could grade and write ficlets. Though in truth I am feeling a wee bit sick to my stomach, which was the excuse I gave. (I think I make myself sick with guilt when I lie to my work like that. Like it's psychosomatic or something.) What are ficlets, you ask? Well, they are short, short stories (and I mean short), of only 1024 characters in length that can be sequeled or prequeled. Go to for more information.

I recently finished up a couple of series on ficlets. One was about Henry VIII and his six wives, the other was about a boy and a girl who meet and fall in love in Paris. I'm quite fond of both, truth be told, and sad that those series are over. But I'm looking forward to writing a new series. Don't know what it will be yet, but it's out there...

Ficlets can be quite addictive. I have written about 350 ficlets in less than a year. I joined in October or so. I've never been this prolific. I didn't think I had the time or energy once I started teaching five years ago, but this year, I've found the time and energy to write, somehow. Thanks to this wonderful website.

OK, well it's off to grade papers and make up for playing hooky today. It's back to the drawing board tomorrow.

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Princess Twilight said...

Hooky! Ha, just kidding. Glad I work from home. It's like playing hooky everyday! Nah, I'm kidding. I TOO AM OBSESSED WITH FICLETS! I must have this whole folder of over fifty ficlets from over the past three months! But hey, I'm an author, what do you expect. :)