You have to watch this...

20 x 2 : What's The Difference? from photojunkie on Vimeo.

Kevin Lawver posted this video on his blog at There are no words, no real "action" in this video. And yet it's captivating. The message in it is beautiful, too.

I'm trying my best to be upbeat, but the truth is that I'm quite sad. We're having doubts about the Japan trip. Buyer's remorse, you might say. The tickets are bought, the hotel booked. So I don't even know if we can get our money back. I'm pretty sure we can cancel the hotel, because most hotels allow you to as long as with enough time in anticipation, not less than 24 hours or something. But the plane tickets....

Personally, I feel that yes, this trip might incur a substantial debt for both of us, but this chance to go to Japan, to visit such a different part of the world, might never come again. And that chance makes whatever debt I'll have to pay off in the future seem more worthwhile.

At the same time, I recognize that we need to be more fiscally responsible. OK, when did the adult enter my body and the child exit? Seriously, though, maybe we need to save this trip for a time when we're in better financial shape and able to plan it better than we did.

But what if the chance never comes again....?


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