To Japan? Or not to Japan?

Call us crazy, but we are currently planning a trip to Japan.

I know...



My spring break officially starts March 29th. I will have a week off from work. I may need to take off two days, though, next Thursday and Friday, because Ricky found some cheap plane tickets that leave Thursday morning at 6 AM (!). The tickets are just $810.00, which is a bargain considering how expensive plane tickets are going for places like Paris or London right now. This isn't high season in Japan, and all the travel sites we've been to online recommend going precisely at this time of year.

So what's holding us back? Well... first of all, it's the sheer monumentality (Is that a word? I guess so!) of the voyage. It's so completely different from anything we've ever experienced. We've been to Paris, France and Madrid/Segovia/Barcelona, Spain together, but since we speak Spanish fluently and I'm quasi-fluent in French (at least I was in 2002 when we went), it didn't feel completely foreign to us. In Japan, I'm going to feel like I'm on an alien planet, I just know it. But that's part of what makes it so exciting.

Second of all, it's about a 15 hour flight (ye gods!!!), and that's what has me a teensy bit nervous. I am going to go stir-crazy on that plane. Oh well, I'll just knock myself out with some good old Tylenol PM and sleep as much as I can.

Third of all, and perhaps most important of all, is the dent this trip will make on our bank accounts. Ricky has already offered to help me pay for it, the dear, but still...

So those are all my pros and cons. Can't think of any more now. All I can think of is how the pros are outweighing the cons right about now. My excitement is outweighing everything else, anyways!

I'll keep you posted as to our decision. Ricky's researching hotels right now. If we find a good, well-recommended and moderately priced hotel, we're booking tonight (iiiieeee!!)

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