Flicked Off

The Good Movie season is beginning with a vengeance - today the new Bond film debuts, next week we have "Twilight," and then later we have "Australia," "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," and "Watchmen." I am dying to see all of the above!

I truly am glad that "Twilight" is opening next Friday, because every day it seems like new footage is being shown. I mean, the whole film is practically online. I kid you not. I used to enjoy the upkeep required for my Twilight blog, but man, I just can't keep up with the news these days. So I kinda sorta stopped trying, honestly, only posting the absolutely awesome stuff. I've even started posting (gasp!) snarky stuff, largely filched off of Cleolinda's most awesome site. It's not that I don't love my Twilight like the good little fangirl I am, it's just that the book and now the film have become larger than life, and if I don't make fun of it all, I must and will go MAD. Ahem. So yeah, I will be seeing "Twilight" next week with reluctant boyfriend in tow. He is bemused by my fascination, but God bless the boy, he's at least willing to indulge my obsession and take me to see the film.

Today the new trailer for "Watchmen" debuted. It is good, so good that I'm even more worried now that the film won't live up to the comic book. And if you didn't know it was based on a comic book by Alan Moore, for shame. Go and repent. Then see the trailer. It is chill-inducing.

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