It's beginning to look a lot like...

OMG, the Christmas, it is coming. Like for real. And why am I speaking like a lolcat?! I don't know, but all I know is that Christmas is my favorite season. It seems like it begins earlier and earlier each year. Walking into Target tonight with the boyf in search of a "Happy Birth of Your First Child" card for his cousin, I was struck by the festive decorations. It always seems to be put me in a cheery mood. That and chocolate. But I digress.

I am more excited than I should be because something else is coming, and sooner, too - the "Twilight!" I just bought two tickets for me and the boyf via Fandango. We will see the movie-of-the-forever at 5:10 PM on Friday afternoon. All of my students tell me they are going to see it at 7:00 PM. I was OK with going at that time, too, but the boyf, he is afraid of the fangirls. So we will be avoiding them and going to an earlier showing. [Little does he know his girlfriend is a major fangirl.]

I have posted at length about my new haircut, my bangs. Everyone's been pretty positive about them. Most people tell me I look "more Chinese" now. Not that I am Chinese, or even one drop Asian to begin with. (Read: I am a Cuban-American, born and bred in Miami, FL). Yes, I do have slanted eyes that crinkle funny when I smile. But whatever. The point is that I'm happy with my new bangs and everyone else seems fine with them, too.

Enter the boyf. He is not happy. He says he liked how I looked better before. I say meh to him. This is what I looked like before bangs:

While I was OK with how I looked, I like me with bangs better. They add a certain polish to my look, I think, and they make even a ponytail (my normal mode of hairstyle at least twice a week) look more stylish somehow. Here I am with bangs:

I am thinking of keeping bangs, cutting them every so often to maintain them, but I don't want the boyf to be upset. But I want to be happy. But I don't know! AH, EMOTIONAL TUG-OF-HAIR, WHY DOST THOU TORMENT ME SO?! Yes, I know, it's just hair, but to a woman, her hair is never "just hair." So what do you think? Should I keep the bangs or grow them out?

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Anonymous said...

I like the new bangs! it really gives you an instant.. oomph!
did u see my new 'do? I got major highlights for the first time in my life.

maybe the boy will get used to them? *here's hoping!*

Unknown said...

I did indeed see the new 'do and like it much! I used to have highlights, but since my hair grows so freaking fast, the upkeep was just too much, so I decided to nix them. Yours look very cute though. Hope the boy likes them, too! :D

ElshaHawk said...

i dunno, those are serious bangs! I think I need another pic or two.. Maybe a ponytail shot, and one all dolled up...
Okay, I sound like a stalker!
I just like to make informed decisions!
P.S. with nano out of the way, I'm back to Ficleteering!

Unknown said...

Haha, OK, I will post some new pics soon - I just got a new digital camera and I'm happy to have the excuse to use it! :D
Congrats on finishing Nano!