I protagonize, therefore I am.

One of my most favorite sites, Protagonize.com, is currently up for an award at the LPV7. The category? Startup Most Likely to Succeed.

Personally, I feel this site already has succeeded -- in the six or so months I have been a member of this creative/collaborative writing site, many (and I mean many) new members have joined, plus the founder and one-man-band for the site, Nick Bouton, has recently added a slew of new features that make the site easier to manage plus more aesthetically pleasing, too.

One of the new features is a team of moderators to help Nick manage the 6,000+ authors. I applied, hoping I'd get picked but not really expecting much because I hadn't even been a member of the site for a year. Well, I was picked! :)

I'm excited to do my part to help the site grow because it truly is a wonderful community. It started out as a sort of life raft for me, a source of relief after the creative writing site Ficlets.com went defunct. It surprised me how well I took to the new site, despite the fact that its features were quite different from Ficlets. And that's a testament to how user-friendly Protagonize.com is and how much Nick deserves this award.

If you're a writer who is looking to receive some outside critique, or if you just want to flex your creative muscle, I recommend signing up on Protagonize.com. Please check out Nick's video below and vote his site as the Startup Most Likely to Succeed!

Want to become a member of Protagonize? Go here!
Check out my posts on Protagonize.

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nick said...

Hey AnaCristina -- thanks for the support & all the lovely compliments. :) Appreciate it!


Anonymous said...

Heehee, I voted yesterday =D Loved the Snowy bits, didn't you?

And yes, Nick's very deserving of it. Ack, I wanna go...


Anonymous said...

I <3 Protag! Ha-ha I think it's great... I didn't really know Ficlets so I can't say much... I like Protag because I get to show my writing & as you said, get commeneted about it! Your writing is great & congrats once again for getting picked as moderator! :-)


jennie said...

I will try to join the site once school is out and I have more time to focus on other things. I did check it out the other day after you sent me that invitation, but didn't have time to do much with it at that moment. I guess there's not much in the way of protecting posted material though, huh?...

Unknown said...

@ jennie: There is some form of copyright protection on the site, so you aren't completely unprotected.

Anonymous said...


I put up the video on my blog as well, hope you don't mind me pinching your idea! I just didn't dedicate a whole blog entry to it though...