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Yay, so happy this is a long weekend. Only one more Monday left of waking up at an ungodly hour. Only two more weeks left with this year's students. I am both happy and sad. Happy for the time off I will be enjoying and sad that I will be missing my kids.

Every time my students ask me if I have kids and marvel that I don't, I respond: "1.) I'm not married, so no kids yet. And 2.) You guys are my kids." :-D

Thank goodness my end-of-year evaluation with my supervising assistant principal went well last Tuesday. He gave me high marks in teacher-student rapport and communication. So yay! I am guaranteed employment next year, thanks to both my good evaluation plus my finally receiving certification from Florida. After much trials and tribulations, I am now a professionally certified teacher.

Have a great Monday everyone!

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6 comment(s):

Ann Marie said...


Congrats on being *certified*!

I bet the end of the year is bitter-sweet. I hear many teachers say it's hard because the kids are so wound up on the last weeks..

Hope this week is great!

Unknown said...

Ann, it is bittersweet! And the kids are more than wound up -- they had a massive food fight on Friday. :-|

Abel said...

Two massive food fights* -sighs at fellow students-

Kavi said...

Whooo !!! Congratulations !! Certification helps ! Big time !!


Malia said...

ana, that is great news! congratulations on certification and keeping the job. that is surely a blessing!

Indyeah said...

the last weeks are always bitter sweet:))

PS:-sorry been caught up in work..and here after ages:))
did take a peek from time to time though:))