Under Pressure

Song for the week: "Under Pressure" by Queen & David Bowie

I was a ball of nervous tension last weekend. For one, it was both the boyf's AND his mom's birthday on Sunday. Yes, on the same day. So I had to worry about buying gifts and pleasing two VIPs on the very same day. Can you say, tension? Yeah, I think you can.

Then one of the boyf's friends-who-shall-not-be-named up and forgot about the boyf's birthday. Didn't even call. Now, this is a friend who has known the boyf for years. Longer than me, even. I had to bite my tongue while my boyf moped around the house all week, longing to ream out the friend-who-shall-not-be-named for forgetting. Of course, my noble, goodhearted boyf wouldn't hear of it. I was tempted to ream the guy out anyways, but I restrained myself.


On top of all that tension, I was scheduled to meet with my supervising assistant principal this past Tuesday for my end-of-year evaluation. Since some teachers have been getting what schools nowadays like to call "surplussed" (read: sacked), and since I know my department, English, is over-staffed, I was quite worried. Especially since I hadn't yet heard from Florida whether they approved my certification or not.

My meeting was set for Tuesday. Monday afternoon, I came home from work to a very welcome surprise in the mail: my professional educator's certificate! :D

There is a God and He is good. Now if only He could speak with our superintendent about giving us hard-working teachers a raise...

The rest of the week has been good, too. I wrote my first "hit" article for Examiner.com, after publishing many pieces that didn't get so much as one comment. Naturally, it was on Twilight. "New Moon," to be precise. I wrote an article discussing the release of a new poster for the sequel, which comes out in November. Before I posted the article, my earnings from Examiner were almost $10.00. This for about 12-15 articles (!). Sad.

After I posted the article on "New Moon," my hits multiplied like randy rabbits. I'm now at almost $50.00. Will I be writing more Twilight-related articles in the future? Oh, I think so.

In other vampire-related news, I read the latest installment in the Sookie Stackhouse series, Dead and Gone. This is the series that the show "True Blood" is based upon, and it is like Twilight -- except it has real bite. And a sense of humor. Oh, let's not forget the (cover your eyes, kids!) sex.

Here I was reading under the assumption that this was the last book in the series. No, I don't know where I got that assumption. I just did. And then the ending of course had to be one of those cliff-hanger endings that leaves you flipping the last page back and forth all confused, hoping against hope there's still another page left, an epilogue, something, anything to fill the aching void of plot-strings left hanging.

Damn you, Charlaine Harris. But I forgive you for creating the scrumptious character Eric.

So what are all you wonderful folks doing this long weekend? I'm going to be staying at the boyf's beach apartment with some friends of ours. Hope your weekend is fun and safe wherever you go! :D

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3 comment(s):

Anonymous said...

What a busy week. I read the famous article! I am sure your certifications will be fine! You are a master teacher! Re: le boyf...he is a cutie. Happy belated BDay to him!

Kavi said...

Oh too many VIPs to entertain / humour / satisfy all in a day !!

You seem to have swung it all your way so very well !!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the certification again! I'm sure you deserve it =D

And if my best friend forgot my birthday, I'd probably pretty depressed too. Happy B'day to your boyf though!

Not a long weekend for me =( But it will feel long what with my SAT studying... But I have a party to enjoy tonight =DD

And yay for more Twilight! (and I think I'll have to check out this 'True Blood' thing... Sounds kewl.)

Have a great weekend!