One Day Without Shoes

I started wearing TOMS this year after I kept hearing about them on blogs. I thought they looked really cute online, so I ordered a pair, hoping they would fit. Happily, they not only fit, they fit great. I even wore them to a few theme parks this past winter.

As I started learning more about the TOMS company, I discovered these weren't just regular shoes -- these were shoes with heart. I learned that for every pair of shoes you purchase, a pair of shoes is given to a child in need. And there are so many children in need of shoes -- in need of healthy feet -- in need of an education. You see, shoes don't just protect children from soil-borne bacteria, they also allow them to go to school. For so many children, they are not able to go to school because shoes are a required part of their uniform. So what this basically means is that if a child cannot afford to wear shoes, they cannot afford to get an education.

As a teacher, this really tugs at my heartstrings. So I started talking up One Day Without Shoes to my students. I even got some of them interested in becoming ambassadors of sorts for the movement. Today, these students went classroom to classroom explaining what One Day Without Shoes is, and how a pair of shoes can impact a child's life. They also baked some cakes to celebrate the event (spoiler: they were delicious). Here are some pictures from today.

Thank you to Brittney, Pamela, Julissa, and Tania for your hard work today. Next year, it will be even bigger and better. You are my inspiration! :-)

To learn more about One Day Without Shoes and to find out how you can participate, click here. 


2 comment(s):

Hilary Ayers-Kurtz said...

I love my Tom's too and want to work for them in the future! I couldn't do the one day without shoes for the most part of the day because my work wouldn't allow me. Those cakes are beautiful, I love them and I'm so happy you appreciate Toms as much as I do too!

nicole mountz said...

this is awesome lady!! so so so fun! those cakes are cuuute. ah no matter the size everything everyone did counts and is amazing:) what a fun day.