Wish List Wednesday

Wish I may, wish I might...

I have been craving this dish like mad, but alas, my favorite French restaurant closed and I don't know of any other place that makes it quite as well. I wish I was even a tiny bit capable in the kitchen, because then I'd attempt to make it myself!

We haven't been to the theater in a bit, and I really, really want to see this one, especially since I finished rereading the book on Sunday. (Are you paying attention, boyf???)

I am dying to go back to Busch Gardens, especially now that a new roller coaster will be opening soon. We might be going in May, for Ricky's birthday. I can't wait!!!

I am already counting down the days until June 11th -- that's when I'm officially on summer vacation, in case you were wondering. I just want to sleep (and sleep and sleep and sleep).

What's on your wish list this week?


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Micaela said...

i can not wait to see jane eyre either!!! i hope boyf pays attention ;)

and i am sooo not a rides person lol i wouldn't be any fun at Busch gardens.

i am SO jealous you get a summer vaca! (not that you don't work hard for it) but i can't wait for my sisters trip to NY :)

my wishlist this week: i need good vibes tomorrow at about 4:30! ha my wish is that it all works out... details if it does!