You know why I'll never be a food blogger?

I'll tell you why -- it's because I am too impatient. I can't wait to take the pictures. I have to eat the food RIGHT NOW.

It's not for want of trying, either. I attempted to do this just last night. Ricky and I went to the Village Tavern, where we discovered, lo and behold, they served the very dessert I'd been craving all week, crème brûlée. I had all of the good intentions -- I even had my camera ready (okay, fine it was my iPhone's camera, but still, the Instagram app has some really nice filters!). But it was all for naught. I told myself I would just take one bite, just one little bite, before taking the picture. But then one bite became twenty, and well you know the rest.

So that's why I'll never be a food blogger. At least, not a very good one. Because if I took any pictures at all, they wouldn't look like those beautifully framed ones you see on food blogs. No. They would look more like this:

Yeah, I know. I'm pathetic. And also hungry.


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kate gabrielle said...

haha!!! I can't even tell you how many times I meant to take pictures of my food for my blog, and then couldn't help but devour the meal before even taking out my camera!

.adri. said...

lmfao! I think this blog post is so funny & cute!


McKayJoice said...

This is so so funny.