Clean Slate

This weekend was a CLEAN ALL THE THINGS kind of weekend. I am ashamed to admit I had let my bedroom fester into an overwhelming black hole of a mess these past two months. My dresser was a jumble of tangled jewelry and makeup pots. The piles of books and what-not in my assorted corners were threatening to reach the roof. The sad part? I'm not even exaggerating. Really.

I would show you a picture of how horrendously messy my room used to be, but I was too busy CLEANING ALL THE THINGS. So there is no before picture. And honestly, I'm too tired to take the after picture. I spent over three hours today and yesterday just going through crap, rearranging crap, and throwing out crap. I filled five garbage bags full to bursting with said crap. (Why do we accumulate so much crap?!) Now my dresser is clean and neat, my floor is swept and free of crap, and my bedroom actually looks ... bigger. Finally I'll be able to exercise without bumping into stuff.

While I'm exhausted as all heck right now, I must admit it feels nice to have a clean room again. It's like having a clean slate -- I now have new ideas about ways I'd like to redecorate my room, maybe change some furniture around. And what this experience has taught me is that I need to be less attached to things, and more organized about the things I actually keep. That way, I won't end up on a future episode of "Hoarders" or anything. *shudder*


2 comment(s):

Jenny☮ said...

This happens to me. I just stand there and go "Where'd all this stuff come from?"

Anonymous said...

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