New! (Kinda.)

Hello! Yes, I know I've been gone an awfully long time. My, the place has gotten dusty. But no worries. *flourishes huge fluffy duster* This old place was due for renovation anyway.

The new blog layout may not look all that different, seeing as how the banner is an old one I used to have (as is my blog button, which you can grab on my sidebar to the right), but the pink is something new. It's also one of my favorite colors, one that I have always tried to tamp down, because unfortunately it's a color so many people look down upon -- especially other women.

But I've always loved pink, damn it, albeit a bit secretively. And now I'm sick and tired of trying to hide it.

Along with a new blog layout, you can expect new blog posts in the coming days. I won't promise they'll be as regular as they were in the past, but I'll try my best. Even though I missed blogging and reading your comments, I will admit that unplugging myself for these past 3 months has been much needed. Life suddenly got to be too much for me, as it sometimes does, and I needed to take the time off to focus on that.

But I'm back. And hopefully better than before.


3 comment(s):

.adri. said...

yay! glad you're back! and I absolutely love the layout :D


Jenny☮ said...

Well it's about time. ;) welcome back! Btw, I'm very excited about that book you're writing.

Unknown said...

welcome back to the blogosphere!