These are a few of my (current) favorite things...

1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2.
I have a confession to make -- I didn't always like Harry Potter. When the first book came out, I was fresh out of high school and starting college. Harry Potter just seemed so juvenile. Too juvenile for cool grown-up moi. Fast forward a little over 10 years and I'm now a teacher myself. All of a sudden, I was interested in Harry Potter. So I picked up the first book and loved it so much, I ran out and bought the rest of the series. (The good thing about getting into a series kinda late? You don't have to wait for the sequels to be released!) Then I ran out and got the films -- and to my surprise, I realized I loved the films just as much as I loved the books. The same holds true for the last installment, which I was so eager to see, I braved the midnight release. It may not have been completely faithful to the book, but that's not what the films are about -- they're about being true to the integral story, to the heart and soul of the tale. And I think the last film does all that and more. I can't wait to see it again!

2. Suave dry shampoo.
Since I have naturally wavy, extremely oily hair that I usually blow dry straight -- and have to wash every other day -- I am a big fan of dry shampoo. I've bought the pricy concoctions that come in puny little bottles, I've even used baby powder in desperate moments. But my current favorite dry shampoo is by Suave. It actually comes in a sizable bottle, and at under three bucks, it's a frigging bargain. Plus it's got a nice scent, something dry shampoos don't always have.

3. True Blood.
I think this show has been on my favorites list before, but no matter -- I'm loving this new season now more than ever. Why? Because finally, finally, finally, we will see Sookie and Eric **SPOILER** get together. Nice knowing you, Bill.

4. Doctor Who.
This is another show on which I'm currently hooked. I started watching season 1 (of the modern version) while Ricky was out of town last month, just to see what all the fuss was about, and before I knew it, I'd flown through all of the seasons. I'm now eagerly awaiting the second part of the current season, which resumes at the end of August. What is this show about? I'd best describe it as a British fantasy/sci-fi show with its tongue firmly in its cheek. It features the Doctor, a time-lord who travels through time and space in his spaceship, the Tardis, which looks like an old school phone booth on the outside, but is much, much bigger on the inside. Just about every season of the show features a different incarnation of the Doctor, because he's able to regenerate when his life is in danger. So that makes for an interesting show -- the same character is represented by more than one actor. It's a great show -- it's got thrills, chills, and even some romance. (And I may have a teensy crush on one of the previous Doctors, David Tennant.) If you want to check it out, they've got most of the show on Netflix.

5. 30 Day Shred.
 I bought this exercise DVD on a whim a couple of months back because I'd heard so many good things about it. The other thing that attracted me to it was the fact that the entire routine was just 20 minutes long, something I'd have no excuse incorporating into my schedule. I first tried it two weeks ago and have been using it more or less every day since then. While my weight loss has been slow and steady for the past two weeks since I've started dieting/exercising, I'm already seeing a change in my body. I'm starting to get well developed arm muscles for the first time in my entire life (sad but true). I really recommend this exercise DVD if you're someone who wants to get in shape or even maintain your shape. The instructor, Jillian Michaels, may seem overbearing and even sometimes annoying on the show she's on, "Biggest Loser," but she's actually a great motivator on 30 Day Shred -- firm but friendly. The DVD comes with three different levels of the work-out. Since I'm still getting my butt kicked by level one, I'm going to wait a while before moving on to the next one. But I have no doubt I will get there if I continue working hard.

6. Tiny Tower.
This game is my current favorite app on the iPhone. It's like a mini Sims in my phone. The object of the game is to build a tiny tower and manage the businesses and "bitizens" that inhabit it. Yes, it's incredibly silly, but it's a good way to pass the time if you're stuck in a waiting room. You can learn more about the game and download it here.

What are your favorites this month?


3 comment(s):

Jenny☮ said...

True Blood! I only saw the premiere. I don't have HBO at home. Makes me so sad. I was so excited to have Bill go away. Lol. Since I've read the books, I knew it was just a matter of time. :) and thanks for the dry shampoo recommendation. My hair is just like yours.

Vanessa said...

Love me some HP! & loved the last movie. I bawled. & I plan to reread the series soon!

As for True Blood, I'm having a love/hate relationship. This season is based off my favorite book. Obviously because of Eric. But everything else that is going on in the show?? It's a bit out there for me. I just don't know.

Claire Kiefer said...

So glad you're back to blogging--I missed you! I am off to check out Tiny Tower immediately. Love hearing about new iphone games!