Back to School.

It's true that I've been dreading my return to school all summer. I prayed for June and July to be as slow as molasses, but as usual, they flew by like nothing.

And now it is August. And now I have to report back to school in a little over a week to start readying my classroom. *sob*

However -- if there is one thing I like about the whole Back to School business it is this: the ritualistic buying of school supplies. The pencils, the notebooks, the crayons, the erasers, the college-ruled paper... I love it all.


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kate gabrielle said...

I hated school so much, but I LOVED back to school shopping. As glad as I am that I never have to go to classes again, I can't help but get jealous of kids (and teachers!) when I step into Staples or Target this time of year ;-D

Unknown said...

school starts Thursday for me. this is not real life. school happens in the winter, not on tropical islands.

you and Dru (Druidx on Ptag) seem to have an identical love of stationery! maybe you should compare collections one day, hahah.

Vanessa said...

This summer went by waaaay too fast. I still don't think it has registered that I graduated. It's August and I feel like time is running out, even though I won't have school to take up too much time again. Though I will not miss all the work school gives me, I will miss buying school supplies! I just loved it every year!