So I guess this means I'm Magical.

I'm magical, witches! ;)
I'm magical! Thank you times a bazillion to the lovely @CaramelPhotos (aka Vanessa) who helped me find the pesky Magical Quill and basically kept me sane in my moment of insanity. I couldn't have done it without her. The username I chose from the selection (which wasn't stellar) is MidnightWillow127, but I'm slowly learning to like it. I can't wait to see what else Pottermore has in store...

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Vanessa said...

I'm so glad I could help and that everything turned out okay! We are MAGICAL!! YAY!!!! Now to wait for that welcome owl, I mean email... ;)

Brittany said...

Hey! Did you get in!? ... I still haven't gotten in yet & I'm an early day 4 ... oh well. :/ can't wait till I do & I'll def add you as a friend :P ... my user is: ThestralWolfsbane83 (not to stellar either, my friend chose it for me) ... Anyway hope all is well! <3