Books and apples and junk

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Today I went back in to my classroom with Ricky and finished two of my bulletin boards. The one that's kind of like a store window, facing the hallway, I decorated with pink paper and butterfly border plus two big, bright butterflies. According to Ricky, they look real and since I stuck them there with tacks, he says that only helps achieve the life-like effect that much more. I've got to remember to take some pics with my cell tomorrow, so I can post them here.

The other board's not as exciting, it has a teal background and a teachery border, all books and apples and junk. This one will be my FYI board, where I'll post important announcements and the like.

I'm feeling better about my new room. At first I was eh. I felt like I'd been kicked out of a club or something, after being moved from the main building. But today I got my room keys for the first time plus they moved over almost all of my old furniture so it's starting to feel like home. It helps that it's getting all prettiful, thanks to Ricky's decorating skills with posters and boards. I really have to remember to take pics of the room when it's done.

Well, I'm watching the latest episode of "No Reservations," which takes place in Tokyo. Man, I want to go back. I feel like I didn't fully appreciate my time there. Anthony Bourdain also posted a great blog entry about his experience. You can read that here, along with his other, previous entries about his other travels.

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