Denial Ain't A River.

I am in complete and utter denial that my summer vacation is over. Where did the days go?!? I have done absolutely nothing valuable with my time, unless you count the AP English Language workshop and the countless ficlets I wrote. My thesis? Don't go there.

And in little over a week, I'll be greeting my new slew of students. Joy.

So what have I done with my time this summer? Weeeellll, I did organize my closet. I cleaned my abomination of a room, which was beginning to look like a hurricane and some of its friends blew through. I played PixelJunk Monsters. A lot. We attended two weddings and missed a third because Ricky got shingles, forcing us away from each other for over a week because I've never had chicken pox before and he could've given me it. We saw "Dark Knight." Ricky and I accompanied some friends, Tony and his gf, Sheri, to Sea World (Their first time in a while and our gazillionth time. Seriously, I lost count. We bought one of those tickets that gives you unlimited visits until December 2008 and we have milked that poor cow to near-death). I re-read Twilight a couple of times, along with a couple of other books. Oh, and I hung out with a bunch of hormone-fueled teenage girls on August 1st waiting until midnight so I could buy Breaking Dawn. Yeesh. (More on that book will be discussed at a later date on my Twilight webby here.)

I forget what else. Oh yeah, Tigger, my darling kitty-cat, got sick and was hospitalized for a few days, making his foster-mother (ME) very upset. If there's anything else, I don't remember.

On Friday, Ricky and I went in to see my new room and move most of my junk over from my old room. My new room is in the old building (which the Powers That Be refuse to call as such, bullying us into referring to it as the original building, conveniently finding a name that matches the same initials... whatev, I'm not buying it). It's kinda dusty and ill-lit, but I will do what magic I can. The day before, we'd gone to Get Smart to buy some new posters and Barnes & Noble to get some SAT prep books, since apparently I'm teaching an SAT English prep course this year. So I'm going back in tomorrow with my posters-galore and hoping the trusty custodian will agree to move some of my furniture over from my old room - my podium, stool, bookshelf, and filing cabinets. I also want him to get rid of the SIX crusty old file cabinets in my new room. It takes up so much space I can't imagine how the old teacher taught in that room.

Welpies, I'd better get offline before the insomnia really digs its heels in. I want to be up at 9 AM, a tall order for someone who's become mostly nocturnal this summer. Le sigh...

Almost forgot to mention: I wrote two ficlets today. They are here and here. I hadn't written a ficlet in over a week, so the withdrawal was starting to wear me down. I was almost worried the muse would go on strike! Thankfully, she didn't.

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