Epic Poem Challenge

There is a challenge currently running on Ficlets that I was urged to try. You have to write an "epic" poem. I haven't written regimented, verse-style poetry in a long time, sticking to my preferred format, free verse. I tried writing a poem using meter and rhyme scheme and all that junk and it was, well, junk. So I threw that one away and am starting over. The rhyme scheme is nonexistent, but I'll try my darnedest to make it epic. When I'm done playing with it, I'll post it on Ficlets (which is back up and running again, yay!).

Áhasêstse'ó Falls
If you should visit Áhasêstse'ó Falls,
When the night sky is a broken diamond,
When the wind cries through the trees,
Chances are you might hear something unexpected:
A voice hidden within wind, words spoken through water.
One heart lost in battle, another drowned deep
Both separated in life, irrevocably joined in death.

Wait and listen patiently,
For this tale requires a ready heart.
It's a story told in many languages, many cultures,
But made no less powerful by its recitation.
It concerns two lovers,
Swift Wind and Whispering Willow,
Two restless souls still searching for the other.

Swift Wind was the fastest, the cleverest,
The best loved by far.
His father was the chief and life was good.
He was free to roam prairie and plain,
But while running brought him happiness,
It never satisfied his deep-rooted hunger;
It was a heart-heavy hunger.

Whispering Willow was the sweetest, the softest,
The best loved by far.
Her father was the chief and life was good.
She was free to weave her tapestries,
Her stories etched in slippery silk and rough wool,
But they never satisfied her deep-rooted hunger;
It was a heart-heavy hunger.

Both their fathers were lifelong foes
Fighting bitterly over land.
They resolved to meet on the battleground for one final battle
To put an end to this most contentious debate.
Swift Wind led his tribe into battle
With a mighty war cry that shook the boughs
And pierced Whispering Willow's heart.

Edit: The poem was finished and posted on Ficlets. You can read it starting here. The challenge-poster, g2, honored me with a win in this challenge. Joy! :)

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