Nocturnal Sleeping Habits Begone!

I've got myself back on a more regular sleeping pattern. For a while there, I was in danger of becoming completely nocturnal - yesterday I went to sleep at nine AM (!), waking up past three o'clock in the afternoon. In two weeks I'll be back on my waking-up-at-five-AM schedule, so I knew I needed to fix my out-of-whack circadian rhythm. So I took some Advil PM last night, was asleep at around midnight, waking up today at eight. That's awesome. I didn't even feel that tired. So I'm liking Advil better than Tylenol for their sleep meds. I find that Tylenol doesn't kick in right away - Advil works much faster - plus Tylenol leaves me feeling very groggy in the morning, whereas Advil doesn't.

Tomorrow I'll set my alarm clock for seven AM, and next week I'll set it to six, and so on, until I'm closer to that dreaded five AM. Ugh. Why does my school have to start classes at 7:30?! I'd rather work 8:00 - 3:00, and stay a half hour extra if it means a half hour extra of sleep!

But I do admit it's nice to wake up this early, having had a full night of sleep. I want to kick myself for waking up late all summer. I know I've wasted my time this way. I haven't even worked on my thesis. But it's not too late, damnit. I might even work on it today.

I've got some other things to do, too. Chiefly groceries - I've run out of food and have been mooching off my family. Plus I need to do something about my feet - I haven't had a pedicure in a month and it's starting to show.

I just posted two poems on Ficlets that I don't think I'd posted before: "Nightmare" and "Meaning & Memory." Somehow, I was able to publish both without getting that horrible "Ouch!" message, but it just started acting up again and I wasn't able to browse stories on the site. I am dreading the day I try to log on and find that Ficlets is down for good. To that end, I've begun backing up my stuff. So if you find a bunch of short stories and poems on my blog, don't freak out. It will have the tag "ficlets" so that you know it's fiction and won't think I'm actually doing the fantastical and crazy things that go on in my stories. ;)

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ElshaHawk said...

pedicure?!?! How nice for you. Never had one. My feet must be monstrous! I am not looking forward to getting up early either, but I'm hoping it will be worth it..that I get a job. It looks pretty grim right now...