Haiku (collection)

*Some follow the traditional 5-7-5 syllable format and some don't. (Deal with it.)

You loved my long hair.
Begged me never to cut it.
Now it’s mine again.

Love in Ruins
Your face closes shut,
Your hand grows cold in my hand:
Love walks out the door.

First Sight
I saw something in
your eyes come alive—
flicker like a flame.

Love opened her eyes,
saw the frost upon the leaves,
and longed for the sun.

After the Storm
After the storm’s passed
we will rake the clouds away
and begin again.

A feeling I can’t put my finger on
like a tingling in the marrow
or a bone in the throat.

I think you know what to do with what
you’ve been given.
I think you know what’s in front of you now.

Eyes slide sideways, but the gaze goes beyond.
You always stare right through me without having
to look at me once.

Because you are here
the moon unbuttons her shirt
so you can see her.

All I see are roads in front of me
without signs pointing me in any one direction.
All I have are options without reasons.

My Cat's Tail
My cat’s tail curled into a question mark
this morning. I looked into his green eyes
and found the answer.

You say you’ve cried too many tears, too many times
because of lack of love, when the real lack is that
which lies in your mirror.

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Unknown said...

Haiku for the Lonely Hearts
The water is still -
No wind here to stir my blood
Loneliness surrounds.