Summer Cleaning

I got this disgusting cold and have been a sniffling, swollen-eyed mess for four days. Although the swollen eyes (at least the left one) might have been an unrelated eye infection, nothing at all to do with the cold, just adding to my misery.

My long-suffering boyfriend has visited and even brought me food, the dear. But I just want to get well already. My summer cleaning efforts were put on hold after I woke up fall-down sick on Monday. At least I got to clean out my closet, but I still need to clean out my shoe rack, not to mention my book stacks. These are books I've read, books I've yet to read, plus dozens of magazines I've barely paged through. I decided to cancel almost all of my magazine subscriptions this year because I barely had time to read any of them. Some of them I will definitely keep, like National Geographic and In Style. Those are musts. But I got rid of Lucky and Poetry because I realized so many issues would be added to the pile still in their wrappers, unopened.

I've been productive in other areas, too: I created another blog, Twilight-related this time, so that I have a place to help me feed my obsession. My boyfriend thinks I'm nuts to be so obsessed over Twilight, but I don't care. It's fun. And I'm just happy he's agreed to come see the film with me when it comes out in December.

Now, if only I could get him to read the books...

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