A Midnight Snack of a Ficlet

I decided to create another Ficlets account since I haven't been able to access my profile page in my original account. I have to start from scratch now, which means my Ficlets and Comments are back down to zero.

Oh well. At least I published my "first" ficlet tonight:

It was her smile.
I haven’t seen her smile for a long time. Seven months to be exact.

Fragments of what she used to be sometimes flash in her eyes. but then she’ll look away, leaving me wondering if I imagined it.

I miss her smile.

The day he left (for good this time), she showed up on my doorstep with vacant eyes and ten dollars to her name.

“I need a place to crash,” she said simply, and then proceeded to fall asleep on my couch for three days straight.

This is when I realized there is a way to die while still living. Even though the heart still beats its relentless pulse and the brain still fires off its messages, there exists a disconnect. A bridge left intact, though burning, hanging threads of possibility and regret.

Today I mustered up my courage and invited her for a picnic. Just us two. She’d recently moved back to the city and had gotten a place of her own.

Possibility was soaring high in me, high enough to risk regret. But before I could say a word, she stopped me. Wordlessly. Irrevocably.

It was her smile.

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