Spotlight on my Blogger and Ficlets Friend, ALRO! :)

This guy at your left is officially the sweetest guy ever. He wrote a ficlet and dedicated it to me for my birthday. I was out of town celebrating my birthday and so I missed reading it. Thankfully, he wrote me a note this morning letting me know about it, so I went and checked it out ... and promptly started tearing up!

Thank goodness this is my planning period and I don't see students for about another ten minutes, because they'd probably want to know why my nose is so red and my eyes so watery. You know those girls in movies who look even prettier when they cry? Yeah, I'm not one of them. :p

If you ever have time to check out ALRO's blog and ficlets page, do so. He's not only the sweetest guy ever (going to have to copyright that for him, heh), but he's a fabulous writer as well, very down-to-earth and funny. So why are you still here? Go check out his pages! :D

2 comment(s):

ALRO said...

Aww thanks Ana, for the great compliments!! Yer AWESOME!
Again.. really happy you liked the story..

Unknown said...

The least I can do is offer you some exposure. :) Thank you !