A Tale of Two Schools

OK, so I feel a bit better about both my thesis and my teacher certification. Two reasons why:

1. I am attending a thesis workshop at my university next Thursday that will help me figure out the ins and outs of thesis writing. Apparently if you don't use the specified font and follow their margin instructions, they will not accept your thesis. Yikes!

2. I found out what I need to accomplish in order to attain my permanent teaching certificate, and it's not as bad as I'd feared. I need to pass the Subject Area and Professional Educator's exams, both of which I'll be taking on October 25, plus I need to take 12 semester hours of education courses, which I plan on signing up for in the spring. If I need to take four classes in one semester, so be it.

As guilty as I feel for not completing my thesis yet, I need to focus on my job first right now. I can't afford to lose my job, not with the way this economy is going. My temporary certificate expires on June 30, 2009, so I need to get all of this done in time.

2 comment(s):

ElshaHawk said...

I hear ya! The bad thing is, it's nearly impossible to study for those tests!
Good luck taking four classes and teaching! Good thing you don't have kids!

Unknown said...

I know... I don't know how you do it, April. Bows down in worship.