Happiness is...

What is happiness? What does happiness mean to you? I was perusing Lolcats this morning, choosing my "Lolcat of the Week" for next week (little secret -- I always choose the Lolcats early and just change the post-date to the upcoming Monday :p), when I came across the kitty above. It got me thinking. (And mind you, that's not common of most Lolcats; they tend to get me laughing!).

I thought about what happiness is.

I thought about what happiness means to me, personally.

I realized something -- I am happiest not in a crowd of people (in fact, most crowds freak me out = claustrophobia!); I am happiest with a few friends or with my dearest one.

I am happy when I am calm, when I can breathe easy and deep.

I am happy when I am reading because it is like a temporary escape.

I am happy when I am writing because it, too, is a form of escape, as well as a wonderful release.

I am happy when I am teaching because I like speaking about reading and writing, and teaching these skills to future generations.

I am happiest when I am myself, when I can let my hair down and just be.

Now I want to know what happiness means toYOU, my lovely readers. So drop me a line or two in the comments and tell me what happiness means to you!

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Indyeah said...

exactly the same as yours would you believe it?:)the same darn list!!
its uncanny! I wouldnt change a word :))
loved this post:)

ElshaHawk said...

One word.
Why no new ideas?
It's the end of the school year, I'm all out!

oh but i'm not claustrophobic with many ppl, just prefer the quiet intimacy of a private conversation or the company of one I love.

Marc said...

I am happy outside in the woods, where modern noise can't reach me. It's like going back in time.

I am happy listening to music. My life needs a soundtrack.

I am happy writing. If I wasn't, I'd be in big trouble.

But I am happiest when I'm with my love, snuggled in close. In the winter by candlelight, in summer by sunlight. It's a feeling of deep peace and joy that can't be beat.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty much the same as you, when I write...it makes me escape as well...but it also gives me a whole other perspective on things. I get that from reading too. I'm happy when I do the things I like...activities wise. I'm not a very "in-crowd" type either, I like to stick to the side & that's how I meet people who are just like me... pretty much :-) lol We'll I think happiness is a great thing :-) I like how you brought it up :P

Ann Marie said...

Happiness is Great Sex. He-he
(bet you never thought that would come from me! )

Antique stores, hugs and kisses from my kiddies, being with good friends, Anything twilight, shopping, quiet time in my house (which isn't often), being in the Utah mountains, being with family, Disneyland and The beach.

Unknown said...

I love all your answers, guys!
And Ann Marie, your first sentence made my eyes bug out the first time I read it, hee hee.

Rose said...

AW nice list! I totally agree with that too! I'm happiest when with a close group of friends cos then I can really just be myself without having to worry about embarassing myself! hehe.

I am very happy when I'm laughing! It's the best feeling in the world! haha.

I am happy listening to a song which brings back good memories.

I am happy when I get a letter or a package from a penpal! :)

I am happy when I love a piece of artwork I've just done.

I am happy when my room is tidy (haha which isn't very often!!) lol

Rose @>}-----

Anonymous said...

Happiness, to me, is being in the presence of those I love.
It is being able to wake up every morning and accomplishing one good thing.
Helping people makes me happy.
I find happiness when I am able to express my feelings.
But overall, happiness is loving and being loved.
[I sound like such a cloud puff]

Courtney said...

Your list hits pretty much the nail on the head... I would just have to add that the ultimate happiness for me is seeing my babies smile. There is nothing in the world that lights up my life more than that! That, and my daughter's giggles. They are absolutely infectious! :)

And thanks for the comment about my new blog! It's a work in progress, but I think it will give more flexibility in what I can post and be a better reflection of my personality... I am so random I can't post about just one thing!! ♥

Anonymous said...

For the longest time I've contemplated what happiness is. At various stages of my life I've thought it to mean different things. But see this is my mistake, for happiness you can not think it. Happiness itself, I've learned, is a moment. A moment one wishes to remain indefinitely in, until conquered by another moment far greater than the last. A moment you'd not hesitate to relive, to hold again; a state of being that encourages us to be that person, so that we may encounter happiness ... forever, and so forever we shall be.