Lolcat of the Week (The Myth Busters Edition)

So this week's lolcat is um ... not a cat, per se. But he is lolarious!

Recognize him from anywhere? Like, from maybe this show?

I confess I love that show and will happily watch marathons of it, before the boyf has to pry the remote control from my clenched fist. And I'd got to admit. That walrus kinda does look like Jamie Hyneman.

Pretty much uncanny, actually...

Have a great week, everyone! :-D

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6 comment(s):

tasha said...

hehehe...das funny!

And I loooove that show too. MythBusters, Dirty Jobs, & Deadliest Catch are my guilty pleasures. =D

Coco said...

my husband can't get enough of those guys!! and i have to suffer through it.

my first love was silly. we were 12, the guy i liked didn't know but it seemed like the entire class knew about my crush. in middle school i started to like his friend instead, but he dated my gf. stupid. i gave up on both of them in high school. yeah sucked all the way.

Courtney said...

They DO look an awful lot alike! LOL Have a great Monday! :)

Alicia en el pais said...

always very nice your blog :) pretty insole

Indyeah said...

that was funny!:D
PS:-apologies:)was busy hence could only take a peek at your post on first love and not much more:))
now here to read all of em at leisure:))

Indyeah said...

ANa I cant read your posts..can only see the pics:(((
all I see is a white background with very bright fluorescent green font :(
I could barely read the one for this post
the page doesnt upload:(

PS:-I do love the new punkymood widget:D:D
why anxious though?