Fun with fake polaroids.

One of the blogs I discovered recently, The Rockstar Diaries, has become one of my daily online haunts. It's written by one "Taza" (real name Naomi) who writes on her adventures living in Washington, D.C. with her husband and newly acquired (and adorable) pet puppy, Kingsley. Taza is not only a great blogger but a talented artist as well, experimenting with photography and crafting some truly amazing headbands.

Her love of Polaroids inspired me to investigate hunting for a Polaroid camera of my own. Alas, I discovered that while you can get an old camera for a reasonable price, the film is frightfully expensive, especially for a poor little schoolteacher like me. So my hopes of owning my very own Polaroid camera were dashed. :-(

Then I discovered the "Poladroid project." It's an online app that allows you to create Polaroid-like pictures out of your digital photos. It's not perfect -- I don't like how it cuts out some of your pictures -- but it is pretty cool. And at least it allows me to satisfy my newfound Polaroid fixation. :)

Here are some pictures I recently "polaroidized." The first couple are just me messing around, and the rest are from New Year's Eve, which I celebrated with some friends in West Palm Beach.




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8 comment(s):

Turtle said...

OK, here's a comment. I hate people being sad.

Angela Lynn said...

@ Turtle - That's wonderfully random.

@ Ana - I love Polaroids! =)That is super cute!

Unknown said...

@Cutie: Aw, I love you! Thank you for visiting my little blog. :D

Anonymous said...

a friend of mine is saving up for a polaroid camera. i really want one myself! love them.

awesome "polaroidizing"! hahah :D

Unknown said...

love it! polaroid film is gonna be produced again finally this year so hopefully the prices will go down. i got a polaroid for christmas and i LOVE it. it just captures moments.

p.s. love the olga headband. i have one too! :) thanks for entering my giveaway!

Marc said...

Re: the hands

You're pretending to be a bunny and he's about to backhand the ever-loving s*** out of the woman next to him.

Obviously :)

Unknown said...

@Marc: LOL!!!!!!!!

Malia said...

i think you look so darling in the headband!