My Signature Scent.

The first perfume I remember owning was called Baby Soft. The name was perfect -- it was a whisper-soft scent, like that of babies. Wearing it made me feel safe, cocooned. Baby-like. Then came Narcisse by Chloe. It bordered on the almost too sweet, practically cloying, but I loved it because it made me feel grown up to wear it.

Those were the perfumes I routinely used in middle school, and then in high school there came a succession of different perfumes, many of them by Calvin Klein, with such heady names as Obsession and Eternity. I liked them all, but wearing them felt a bit like wearing someone else's clothes -- I could never really own them.

Of all the perfumes I used in high school and throughout my adolescence, Cristalle by Chanel is the one that stands out the most in my memory. It was a crisp, fresh scent, and as I conjure it up now, I can almost smell it. It is the only perfume I wore during that time that came closest to feeling like my signature scent.

The first ever perfume I received from a boy was Allure by Chanel. He was my first boyfriend and it was my first year of college, a time of experimentation, of stretching out my wings. He was gone before the last drop evaporated from the perfume bottle. The perfume made me feel sexy to wear it, but it was really more of a costume than anything else. I couldn't truly own it.

Later college brought other boys, other perfumes. I had a short-lived tryst with the perfume Rush by Gucci --perhaps the strongest scent I have ever worn. It's like a floral explosion, spicy to the nose. One of my most dedicated suitors, a pilot, bought me the perfume Romance by Ralph Lauren. I dumped him, but kept the perfume. I liked how flower-like it smelled, and wearing it made me feel clean and fresh. Then I met my current boyfriend and started experimenting with more "mature" perfumes, like Vera Wang's signature scent and the perennial classic, Chanel No. 5.

Now I usually alternate between Chanel No. 5, Romance, and one of my newest acquisitions, Magnifique by Lancome. The latter is a floral, fruity scent that makes me feel very feminine. But is it my signature scent? Can I call any of the scents I've worn throughout my life signature scents? I'm not sure. I don't think I've found my signature scent as of yet -- the perfume that feels entirely my own, the scent that makes other people think of me when they smell it.

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Rose said...

Wow, you can sure boast a vast range of perfumes!! Haha :) And I wish I had that many boyfriends to boast along with them. :P
I do love wearing perfume, I just always forget to put it on! lol.

In my teenage years i went through various non-descript sicly perfumes but never really found anything I liked in particular.

Then a few years ago I wore Tommy Girl for a while, which I really liked. It's quite fresh but sweet and young.

Then my mum had this clarins body lotion which I loved and so for Christmas, she bought me a Clarins set with the 'Eau Tranquility' perfume in it. It's the freshest perfume I've found and it's not too overpowering. And the bottle is huge so it lasts for ever! Plus it's not even very expensive at all. So plus points all round! :)

So, ever since then, I've used that perfume and it's become my signature scent! <3 I just have to remember to put it on when I go out. lol x

Anonymous said...

That's a lot of perfumes! I like to change mine, so I guess I don't have a signature scent exactly. Using Kenzo and Chanel Chance at the moment. I really want the Viva la Juicy one though - delish! :D

Unknown said...

Haha, I didn't realize I'd worn so many perfumes throughout my life. You'd think I would have found my signature scent by now! ;)