This is my earliest memory.

 I was messing around with my new favorite interwebby toy, formspring, when I received the following question:

What's your earliest memory?

And this is what I wrote...

My earliest memory is something that many will claim I won't remember, but I swear I do. In my earliest memory, I am just a little girl, about two years old. I am at the beach with my family, and everyone was having fun, except for me. Why? Because I am caged in a "playpen" on the sand, in the shade, away from the shrieking laughter of my cousins who are playing in the surf. For my enjoyment I have been given a little red bucket and a little yellow shovel, the two of which entertained me for about five minutes before I decided enough was enough -- it was time to break free of my confines. Using my little red bucket as a makeshift stool, I climb up until I am grasping the top rail of my playpen. Freedom is so close I can taste it! I take one small step ... only to fall face down in the hot sand. Needless to say, my escape was short-lived.

Now it's your turn! What is your earliest memory?

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2 comment(s):

Vanessa said...

Hahaha. Aww what a sad first memory! I remember running through the hall in my house ready to go take a nap. I don't know how old I was but I was younger than 3, because that was when I moved to a different house. Crazy.

Unknown said...

Weird, how we can remember the most random early memories, huh? I love that you were running to go get ready for a nap. Trying to tire yourself out, perhaps? ;)