Help Haiti.

I've been in my own little fog for three days now, but I'm slowly coming back to myself. Something that helped shock me sane yesterday was learning about the devastating earthquake in Haiti. I couldn't help but think, My God, what can I do to help?

Well, today I found a way to help:

I just did it and it's super simple. They message you back so you can confirm, and all you have to do is text back with "YES" and you're done. Just a minute and $10 of your time, and you can provide so much. But it won't be as effective unless we all do something. So do something.

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Brittany said...

Ik! I want to try & help too :))) Also, I know this is irelavent but how do you "take a picture" of ur twitter (like the one in ur post!) :)))

Thanks! (you can twitter & or e-mail me!!!!) :))))

Jenny☮ said...

You are so awesome. :)

Unknown said...

@Brittany: Writing you back now.

@Jenny: I try, I try... ;)

ElshaHawk said...

My church was planning their annual mission trip down there on the 18th, as we support over 30 kids and Mountain Top Ministries 25 miles from Port-Au-Prince. They said their buildings withstood it, not being so tall or poorly constructed. But the group most likely will not be able to fly in commercially. One of the members is collecting clothing at her college for this group to take with them when they do go.
I'll probably hear of the efforts my church is making on Sunday.

Unknown said...

That's awesome of your church, April. I hope they are able to go and provide supplies!

ElshaHawk said...

They are leaving the 27th with medicine. :)