I suck at this blogging thing.

Yes, I know I've been slacking in the blogging department as of late. You can blame my students -- needy little buggers. I don't know why I felt the urge to bombard them with projects and assignments and what-not with only 7 weeks left in the school year (can I get a hallelujah?), not to mention a full reading of Romeo and Juliet.

Hello, my name is Annie Cristina and I am a masochist.

But I promise to get back into blogging soon. As of June, you're going to be begging me for radio silence, I'll be blogging so much. But in the meantime, feel free to peruse my greatest hits, my favorites, and of course, my archives. And here is my favorite scene from "The Lion King" to help make up for my sorry blogging performance. It's not much, but it's damn funny (IMHO).

Are you aching, yup-yup-yup! For some bacon, yup-yup-yup!
Yeah, that scene never gets old. Anyway, tell me what's up with YOU! Leave me some happy, happy comments.

ETA: I should add that while I've been inactive here, my Tumblr has been seeing some action. *guilty look* It's just that it's so much more low-maintenance than Blogger!  And-And, it's so easy to reblog and post pictures and videos and stuff. I promise I like you guys here more, though. Pinkie promise. (But you can totally go visit my Tumblr, if you're into that sort of thing.)


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Claire Kiefer said...

I've been slacking on blogging too, now that it's the end of the school year. There is so much to do and everything feels overwhelming! I just want to stay in bed and read all day. Is that too much to ask??

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

Same! dang school and all the shit going on!

.adri. said...

I agree with Claire! I am just READY for this school year to be done and over with!

Kudos to you for actually giving the kids projects so late in the year! lol. I'm SO done with anything like that... Ok, I'm kidding . I'm going to have them write their own Poe-inspired Gothic Tale :) he he But after THAT, I'm D.O.N.E. :o)

Totally looking forward to your summer blogging :) I plan to do the same though I think I've kept up wayyyyy better with my blog lately than I ever have in the past! lol

Nancy Face said...

I love that you called your students buggers - reminds me of one of my favorite books, Ender's Game!

Yes, I am a nerd. :D