Is it possible to be in love with a song?

The boyf got me hooked on this new band recently. They're called Phoenix. They're French but they can totally pass as American, save for the faint trace of an accent in the lead singer's voice. I was hooked on the very first listen, especially to the song "Lisztomania."

Is it possible to be in love with a song?

Yes, I do think it is... :-D

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Fire Crotch said...

So I'm trying to think who they remind me of and can't think of it...I will have to come back at another time, but I really like this song. I will need to check these guys out so more.

Randomization said...

Yes it is possible to fall in love with a song. Haha, I have many "lovers" but the one I want to marry and make lots of babies with is Crash Into Me by The Dave Matthews Band.

Anonymous said...

God knows I have fallen in love with a song a number of times, haha.

And I think it's happened again thanks to you! Love this one! :DD

(Lovely blog theme, btw!)