PSA: Don't Text and Drive

The following video is graphic and may be too disturbing for you to watch, but I want you to watch it anyways -- especially if you or someone you know has ever sent text messages while driving.

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Malia said...

Ana, what a great video. David and I made a rule when we got married that we wouldn't even talk on the phone while we were driving. While I talk on the phone sometimes if there is an emergency, I can honestly say that we don't talk on the phone. You notice how distracted other people are when they drive, even just on the phone.

Randomization said...

I saw a tiny clip of this video on the news the other day. They were talking about how graphic it was and if it should be even allowed to be viewed on tv in the US. I think that it should be aired here in the US because I know many people that do this and they just don't realize how dumb it is to be texting while driving.

nsiyer said...

Fantastic and very inspiring.Agreat lesson to drive while driving. I was also amazed at the speed of first aid post the accident.

Ann Marie said...

Tesxting and Driving is the same as drinking and driving to me. It's irresponsible and dangerous.

I LOVE your new header and layout! This is my favorite one of yours so far.. DARLING!

Melly Mel said...

Thanks for this post. Here in CA it is illegal as you know. It has been so sad to see these you tubes. Thank you.
Oh I love your blog.
Please your bangs are adorable!!!

Liggybee said...

Great video. I think more people should see this. I've told my 18 (now 20 year old) nephew not to text and drive so many times. He wouldn't listen. Unfortunately, it sometimes takes a tragedy like this to make people learn. He no longer lives with my family so I don't know if he still does that but I hope that he has learned to stop doing that.

I appreciate you sharing this. I think I'll send him a link to the video just as a concerned relative.