Wanted: Danger Magnet #2

I never thought I’d see the day when I’d be looking for a bloggy partner in crime, but here I am, meekly asking for that very thing.

Let me give you some background in case you are just joining this here blog: I run another blog other than this one, The Danger Magnet. It's a Twilight fan-site. The Danger Magnet is currently being written single-handedly by one little lady, and that little lady is YOURS TRULY. But YOURS TRULY also happens to run three blogs other than this one, not to mention a column for Examiner.com, so YOURS TRULY is getting overwhelmed. Oh, and did I mention YOURS TRULY also happens to be a full-time English teacher whose school year is starting again in just 2 weeks, plus she has a master’s thesis she still needs to write, plus-plus she has a loving boyf whom she routinely neglects for fictional characters?

I think you can see where I’m coming from…

So this is what I need: I need another blogger to step in and help me publish regular posts on this blog. I will continue to host weekly discussions on the books, but I would love someone to publish news-related (NON-PAPARAZZI!) items. I used to publish more news-related stuff before Real Life stepped in, and I miss being up-to-date with the amazing likes of TwiCrack Addict, Twilight Moonlighter, and Eyes of Amber. The post will be temporary (a few months) unless you wow me with your extraordinary writing prowess, at which point I might be persuaded to make you a permanent addition.

You still interested? Here are the requirements:

  1. You must have a firm grip on modern English conventions (good writing skills required!).
  2. You must have read all four books in the Twilight Saga (yes, there will be a quiz ;p).
  3. You must love all things Twilight-related (duh).
  4. You must be willing to publish at least 3-5 separate items a week (more if you like, of course!).
  5. You must be willing to do all the above for free.

If you think you meet all 5 requirements and you are crazy willing to help me out and co-write this blog, e-mail me at ASimon78@aol.com with a brief description as to why you think you should be considered for the post. Of course, you should familiarize yourself with this site and its content before applying. I will be accepting submissions until August 31st, at which point hopefully I will have made my final decision.

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