Lolcat of the Week (And Announcement of Captioning Contest Winner!!!)

Last week I got it into my mad brain to create the challenge: Caption This Lolcat! Bless you, kind readers, for not only putting up with my mad ideas, but for actually indulging them. All of the entries were fabulous, but my absolute favorite was this one:

Not only was it in Lolcat-appropriate spelling, but just really damn funny. Here this week's Lolcat, uncaptioned no more:

Congrats, Marc, and thanks again to all who entered! Be sure to check out Mark's blog, Daily Writing Practice. He's as talented a writer as he is funny. :)

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2 comment(s):

Marc said...

Woo hoo! :)

And thank you for the plug and blush-inducing compliment.

Anonymous said...

Bahahaha. Love it. Such a good caption :D