Every year I come up with a list of impossible resolutions that I inevitably wind up totally ignoring. This year I decided to come up with five reasonable resolutions that will make me feel better about myself and enjoy life more. Isn't that what resolutions are supposed to be about anyways?

Here are my resolutions for 2010. Happy New Year!

1. wear more dresses

2. be more affectionate

3. write less e-mails, more letters

4. fall in love with running again


5. read a book in Spanish

What are your resolutions for 2010?

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6 comment(s):

dazzledbyhim said...

Yeah, I can't agree with the running thing, but I like the dress one! Too bad in Ohio is like negative degrees all the time right now...
Have a happy new year!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!

Definitely more letters - yay for old school, hahah :D

and I wanna read a book in spanish too!

great resolutions :D

may twenty ten be another year to remember!

Unknown said...

Thanks, guys! Happy New Year to you, too. :-)

Westy Rae said...

I love your resolutions! I may just steal #2 and #3 as well they are just too good!

I normally don't make any in resolutions. Just last night I was admiring a nice hand knitted hat someone was wearing & I thought how many times have I said "I wish I could knit my own scarves...hat..whatever" So living a half a block away from a crafty type store that I am pretty sure gives lessons in these things I have decided I am going to learn to knit. So perhaps this time next year I will have a scarf I made myself..that would be pretty cool! :)

Allison said...

These are awesome resolutions! I'm definitely going to have to go with the dresses one- I want to be more girly! :D

Malia said...

i've been away for so long i feel like i need to comment on all your posts.

i love writing letters!
since we moved to cambridge, i have a pen pal in one of my best friends.
i absolutely love it. i look forward to checking the mail for a new letter.