Lolcat of the Week

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! I got some great spoils this year, but I think my favorite gift is yet to come ... le boyf and I decided to gift ourselves a vacation instead of material gifts this year, and I'm so unbelievably excited! It's been ages since I left anywhere. We'll be leaving on the vacation soon, so here's a Lolcat you can enjoy in my absence. I think it's very apropos, don't you? ;)

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Kate said...

Hilarious! Also, hello and belated Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! I realized it'd been a while since I'd commented on your blog which made me sad. I love your blog as much as ever. Hope you're well. Xo, Katie

nsiyer said...

Damn good one and extremely cute. Have a great holiday and blast. A happy and Prosperous New Year and take care.