*waves white flag*

So today I woke up and was still feeling kind of hellish, despite all that cranberry juice yesterday. But as I already missed one day of work this week, I didn't want to miss again. So I dragged my sorry self to work feeling hellish all the way.

Let me define hellish -- imagine what it feels like when you REALLY, REALLY have to pee. Are you imagining this yet? Well, imagine that you really, really have to pee, but every time you go to the bathroom to have a pee, nothing happens. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. Oh, and there's a lovely burning sensation, too. Smashing.

Yep, I went to work feeling like that. I taught two classes feeling like that. And then, during my planning period at around 11 AM, I realized I couldn't stand it anymore. I was going to do what I said I didn't want to do yesterday -- visit a doctor. Thankfully, my boyf was available at that time to pick me up from work because I was feeling too wretched to fend for myself. He bought me lunch AND the new Harry Potter movie. (Yes, he is made of win. I am aware of this fact.)

When I got home, I tried to see if I could visit my family's doctor, but unfortunately he closes practice at noon, so I wasn't able to see him today. I honestly felt so bad that I couldn't wait till tomorrow, and that's when my ever-loving boyf stepped in AGAIN to save the day. You see, his parents are both doctors and they just happen to have medical test strips lying around the house, the kind that can test whether you have a bacterial infection or not. So I took one of those pee-on-a-strip-and-watch-it-change-color tests (no, not THAT kind of test), and it turns out I do have a bacterial infection. It's most likely UTI (that's Urinary Tract Infection for those of you not in the know). Boyf's mom prescribed me some Bactrim. Boyf made me drink gallons of water all day, and I kid you not, I was running to the bathroom to pee every five minutes. The best part was that I was actually peeing. And the pain gradually started to decrease.

I'm so glad I'm feeling better. I'm no longer as worried that tomorrow I will wake up feeling hellish. And the best part of it all is knowing that even though I waved a white flag of surrender on the issue of doctors, I was able to find a loophole -- I got diagnosed and treated without having to set foot in a doctor's office. Neener, neener, neener! (Hello, I am 31 going on 13.)

P.S.) Happy, happy birthday to my brother Jordy, who turns 26 today! :D

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marie said...

Ugh, UTI's suck! The first and only time I had one, I remember I could count the potholes in the road as my dad drove me to the doctor's office. And trust me, there were way too many of those suckers! I am thoroughly glad you've been treated, AND that you're able to pee!

I bought myself the new Harry Potter movie today. I am so darn excited over it!

I hope your brother had the best birthday today!