Giveaway!!! {flapper doodle}

This next giveaway is sponsored by one of my favorite Etsy stores, flapper doodle.

Flapperdoodle specializes in 1920's flapper art and stationery. Ms. Flapper Doodle, aka Kate Gabrielle (who also writes the witty blog Scathingly Brilliant), has got some pretty sweet stuff. Here are some of my faves:

Flapper Doodle Anniversary Card
Flapper Doodle Bookplates

Print: Eloise takes a picture of Ramona on her polaroid camera

The giveaway prize this time is for $20.00 store credit to Flapper Doodle. Here are the rules for my giveaway:

1.) Visit Flapper Doodle's store and comment with your favorite item(s). Be sure to include your email address in this comment.
(1st entry -- mandatory!)

2.) Leave another comment if you are a follower of this blog. 
(2nd entry -- bonus entry!)

3.) Leave yet another comment if you tweet or blog about this giveaway (with link!). 
(3rd entry -- bonus entry!)

Please remember that multiple entries means multiple comments! I will be selecting a winner at random next Tuesday, August 31st at 5:00 PM (EST). Good luck! :-)

20 comment(s):

Jenny☮ said...

Those products are too cute!
I am loving everything, but I guess I'll TRY to sum it up:

****Eloise and Ramona play telephone - 8 x 8 art print set

Ramona takes a photograph - 4 x 6 art print

Eloise gets carried away - 4 x 6 art print

Emma re-reads Main Street by Sinclair Lewis - 4 x 6 art print

So cute! :)

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

These are SOOOO cute.

I love the one as Marylyn Monroe b/c I love her!


{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

Im'a follower of course!!

Amber said...

I love the zelda and Becky neckleces. Precious!

Amber said...

I'm a follower!

Melly Mel said...

so fun! you are cute!
okay here it is:
Eloise gets carried away - 4 x 6 art print
I luff it.

Unknown said...

Oh I have actually checked out her shop before when browsing for stationary. I love the Flapper Doodle Stationary Sampler and the Birthday cards

Unknown said...


Stockannette said...

The hula hoop one has always been my favorite:

Stockannette said...

Noow following your blog (and Scathingly Brilliant).

Stockannette said...

And I tweeted @ both of you:

Claire Kiefer said...

1. I love Eloise and Ramona on the trapeze, the stationery set, and lots of the others. I think maybe the trapeze the most? They're all so precious!

Claire Kiefer said...

2. Of course I'm a follower :)

Steph said...

I have been a Flapper Doodle fan for awhile and this one is still my fave!:

ashley said...

super cute shop! here's my fave:

and new follower :)

Sandra Riquenes. said...

Decisions, Decisions - 4 x 6 art print

Eloise, Ramona and Clarissa visit the beauty parlor - 4 x 6 art print

Flapper doodle hand drawn moleskine notebook - unlined

Eloise and Ernest get married - 4 x 6 art print

Zelda and Becky play telephone - best friend pendant set

Too many?? I could'nt decide on only two or three. =/ sorry... But these drawings are the cutest! I love how Eloise is always so calm, even in a downpour! =]

Sandra Riquenes. said...

Oops.. I didn't leave my Btw Hi Ms.Simon!

.adri. said...

I love the "Zelda and Becky play telephone - best friend pendant set"

My e-mail is:


.adri. said...

Yes, I follow this blog :)

.adri. said...

I tweeted too!