Week in Review

This is my second to last Sunday of summer vacation. I may not be living it up in Orlando like I hoped I'd be on Friday. But damn it, I still plan on living it up today.

Starting with sleeping in. I love sleep! I puffy-red-heart-with-an-arrow-through-it sleep. Given my usual tendencies, I'd stay up late every night and sleep in late every day if I could. I have practically become nocturnal this summer, as I do every summer.

And it's been a good summer this year. I have slept in a lot. I have lived in pajamas, getting dressed up only to leave the house. I have read piles and piles of books. I finished my thesis. I started writing poetry again. I even got one of my poems published in a book! So I have a lot to be thankful for. Even if I'm going to have to start rearranging my circadian rhythm next week.

Here are my posts from this past week in case you missed any:

 This is what my summer looks like. Only there should be two cats instead of the dog.

What has been your favorite thing about this summer?


2 comment(s):

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

I like how you re-cap all your post, its a good idea!

Im working today... GREAT way to end the weekend :/

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

i'll be honest, i think any sleep later than 8am is just burning daylight! when my brother comes to stay with me, he wants to sleep until one in the afternoon, but i finally told hime that i just can't keep quiet later than 10 because i've already been up for 2 and a half hours and i have things to do! good luck getting back into a normal sleeping pattern! HA!

CONGRATS on getting published! i know you're excited!