Week in Review

Today is the last Sunday of my summer vacation, and a week from tomorrow, I will be greeting a fresh new batch of students. (Don't you love how I describe them like they're cookies? Awesome. But I digress.) On Tuesday I report back to work and start readying my classroom. And my vacation will be officially over.

I know I should be sad that I'm all out of summer, but I can't complain. It's been an incredible summer. I finished my master's degree in English Literature. I saw lots of amazing movies with Ricky. (Toy Story 3! Eclipse! Inception!) We both ate more than our fair share of frozen yogurt. (Thank you, Menchie's and Yogurtland for being so amazing. You stay classy.) Season 3 of True Blood has turned out to be the best season of them all. And the icing on the summer cake of goodness is that I got to sleep in late, late, late. I will sure miss that on Tuesday morning when my alarm goes off at 6:00 AM. (Sob.)

This weekend was a great way to say goodbye to my summer. Ricky had a friend visiting from out of town, and on Friday we took him to one of our favorite bars, The Pub. Saturday we went to the Morikami Japanese Gardens and Museums for their Bon Festival. (Pictures will be forthcoming, as soon as I can locate my camera.) Today was a lazy day -- we took our friend to the airport, then we ate dinner with Ricky's family and I loafed at his house reading the fourth Harry Potter book.

Tomorrow I am going to be getting up at 7:00 AM in order to reacquaint my body with getting up at ungodly hours. (I know it's an hour later than what my regular work wake up time is, but tomorrow is  the last day of vacation.) After thoroughly caffeinating myself, I will hit the stores to buy some classroom supplies. I might even hit the mall, if I'm feeling up to it, because I was unable to visit it this weekend.

Here are my posts from this past week in case you missed any:

Here is a picture from Morikami's official website of the Bon Festival. My pictures will be posted later this week!

Hope you had a great Sunday! And for those of you who watched True Blood tonight along with me -- how crazy was tonight's episode? And how are we going to deal when the season ends after the next three episodes?!!


3 comment(s):

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

Good positive attitude about summer being over... Mine starts Thursday, and I'm not really ready, but I guess it's coming!

Emma Jade said...

Glad its been such a great summer!
True Blood = IMMENSE!

~kiMbeRLy~ said...

Look at you being all positive and stuff!! Yay for good summers!